Sunday, 19 April 2015

'Macatier' EP Review 'This Boat Is Definitely Sinking'

Macatier is the one-man upbeat acoustic name for Dan Brown. Artists/bands from the likes of This Wild Life to Ed Sheeran are dominating their respective scenes and 'acoustic' as a genre is seeing a rise in popularity. Nowadays with multi-instrumentalists, loop pedals and more exciting live performances acoustic music is no longer just something a band does on the side and can be seen as something headlining festivals/arenas. Macatier is one of these aspiring musicians and has just released his EP 'This Boat Is Definitely Sinking' and we gave it a review...

The four track EP opens with 'Thousand Yard Stare' instantly makes me draw comparisons to the likes of Rob Lynch and Frank Turner with the accented vocals. Macatier's rough, raspy vocals resonate raw passion. Musically the song has elements of folk, pop and upbeat funk which adds depth and gives it diversity.

'Panic Attack!' opens with a beautiful riff that develops into a Blink 182 esque song turned acoustic. The upbeat tempo and structure give it a punk feel though it still manages to fit the theme and general genre of the EP.

The lead single off the EP 'Swimming To Canada' is an endearing rendition that stands out in terms of songwriting and meaning. It's one of those songs that drops you straight into a story or a thought that creates imagery. The busker like performance of the song also strikes a nice chord in terms of listenable quality.

'Sleep Song' ends the EP and is from what you can imagine slow and calm. Saying that, the chorus is a real sing-along and the song ticks along quite nicely. Again the imagery created from the lyrical content is top notch and the solo toward the end of the song make it a personal favourite on the EP.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed 'This Boat Is Definitely Sinking' with it's pretty picking riffs and moments of sing along goodness. After recently seeing Rob Lynch perform and hold a crowd easily by his simple yet illustrative stories contained within his music I can't help but draw comparisons to Macatier. It's a great experience to be a part of and here Macatier has compiled a collection of his own stories to share and that's a beautiful thing.

Facebook: Macatier
Twitter: @Macatier
Soundcloud: This Boat Is Definitely Sinking

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