Sunday, 12 April 2015

'Harriet Little' Single Review 'America'

Harriet Little is a Soulful Pop/Folk singer from Leeds, UK. Her inspirations include: Bon Iver, Bob Dylan, Paolo Nutini, Foster The People and loads more. Her collection of beautiful original songs can be found on soundcloud along with her newest single 'America'. We gave the single a listen and here is what we thought...

Off the back of listening the my previously reviewed band Voes I must say I have I have a new found love for passionate artists/bands that can create a soundscape with nothing but a voice and a couple of instruments. Harriet Little has been a fantastic addition to this wave of artists coming my way. Bottom line, the song is gorgeous and her voice is incredible.

Her delicate and emotional voice sounds like its on breaking point throughout the entire song though holds a certain strength behind it. The song is hauntingly uplifting and motivational. Lyrically the song is beautiful and tells a tale a happy/sad infused reminiscence talking of a time in 'America'. Harriets voice also cannot be praised enough. Her angelic voice oozes passion and soul. It would certainly be a treat to see live as I can imagine that it is an experience where the whole room is in the palm of her hand.

How Harriet has such a small following is criminal though i'm sure over time her fanbase will grow. One thing is for sure and that is that her sound is unique and incredible.

Head over to Harriets soundcloud page and have a listen to some of her music (We strongly suggest you do).

Facebook: harrietlittlemusic
Twitter: @harri3t
Soundcloud: harrietlittle

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