Monday, 20 April 2015

Get Up Go: An Interview With Noizze

We caught up with Get Up Go who will be dropping their new EP 'You Jump, I Jump' on June 1st. We spoke to the guys to get a bit of background about Get Up Go and to get an insight into the EP...

Where did the name Get Up Go come from?
The name Get Up Go came from waking up on a cold floor, feeling very rough, deciding it was definitely time to leave, and thinking to myself just get up, go.

You will soon be releasing your EP 'You Jump, I Jump', what do you hope will come off the back of it?
I think the main thing we hope comes from the release of 'You Jump, I Jump' is that we start to gain a more widespread fan base. We're so grateful to anyone who's given our previous recording the time of day, but with our latest release we hope some people will really love it.

We have learned a little bit about the songs on the EP but what themes are there?
The themes that can be heard when listening to 'You Jump, I Jump' are basically what was going on with each of us at the time. Everyone experiences things that have a profound effect on them at every stage of their lives. For us, seeing as we're pretty much grown ups now, there's  a lot of desire that comes through on the record, there's a lot of wanting, striving to get to the next level and break through.

How did you go about writing songs for the EP?
These songs were written just while we we're all hanging out and jamming out tunes together. We'd then take these songs to band practice, switch them around a bit, write new parts, drop some old parts, until we we're ready to take them to the recording stage.

What do you hope to achieve as a band in the next year?
In the next year more than anything we want to grow our fan base. We would love to secure ourselves a couple of support slots on tours with some of the pop punk bands who are breaking through. We want to get out there and play some festivals. We also intend to have a new record and a couple of videos, so we have plenty to work on.

What is your ultimate milsestone to achieve as a band?
I think our ultimate milestone we want to achieve in the near future would be to play a show in a town we don't know, to people we've never met, and have them sing our songs back to us. That would be sick.

What would be your ultimate festival line up?
Ultimate festival line up:
Blink 182 (pre- self titled)
State champs
Old fall out boy
New found glory
Four year strong
And Taylor swift

... And Ross loves Seaway

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your lives what would it be?
Blink 182 - Enema Of The State.

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