Saturday, 18 April 2015

Forever Cult: An Interview With Noizze

At the peak of their first UK headline tour, I was able to catch up with the raucous Leeds three-piece, Forever Cult, before their headline show at The Stillery in Camden.

Forever Cult are: 
Kieran Clarke: Vocals/guitar
Aaron Snowdon: Drums
Alex Greaves: Bass

How did Forever Cult start as a band?

Kieran: I started the band just recording [and did] eight tracks just in my room, then I met Aaron through a mutual friend and we started practicing at the University of Huddersfield. We were a two piece for a while and then went to record at Peak Studios in Bradford and we met our lovely bassist; Alex.

What were your influences as a band?

Kieran: Lots of Wavves.
Alex: It was probably like a little bit more indie stuff when you were starting.
Aaron: I was listening to loads of like Wild Beasts.
Kieran: You know when that whole like 'Lo-Fi' thing came back around again and it was like, 'woah that's new', but it was like no, people did it in the 70s, it was that sort of thing, like DIY.

What's your biggest guilty pleasure?

Kieran: Beyoncé... I'm pretty guilty about it.
Aaron: The other day we just played this show in Stockton and I was going to work, I had to work before the Wakefield show, and  I was just on the bus, and the buses in Yorkshire are full of idiots so I just put my headphones in and listened to Classic FM for like 30 minutes. First of all it was meant to be radio one but it changed and I didn't even realise. We listen to a lot of music on tour and as a job I'm a promoter so I listen to fucking loads of music and it does my head in, so it's nice to listen to something that doesn't take much to listen to.
Alex:  What've been the guilty pleasures in the van?
Aaron: Limp Bizkit, we've listened to Rollin like several times. We had Black Eyed Peas on the other day.
Kieran: Will.I.Am turns anything to gold, am I right?

What are your favourite bands at the moment?

Kieran: I think we're wearing both their shirts?
Kieran: I like old Sonic Youth like post Washing Machine (album)
Aaron: It's Demob Happy for me like slow psych-y rock from Brighton.
Alex: Allusondugs
Alex: It's just stuff like Cloud Nothings and Wavves is what we all kind of listen to.
Kieran: It's weird because it's like we get to a point where we've played a lot now and most of our favourite bands are bands we've played with.

What's been your favourite moment on tour?

Alex: Probably Stockton Calling.
Kieran: Yeah, we were playing in the back room of a pub. We watched the first band and then we went out to get some food and when we came back we just couldn't get into the room.
Alex: It was also cool to play on the same bill as both the other Clue bands, Allusondrugs and NARCS. That's never happened before.
Aaron: The van sing-a-longs have been my favourite parts.

What would be your dream show?

Aaron: I'd have to say Reading & Leeds but we've already done that.

What was that like?
Kieran: Weird, insane.
Aaron: It was really good but surreal. It kind of capped off our year.
Alex: I guess we've gotta say Glastonbury, that's the dream, but being able to do this, just more often and get to the stage when we're doing headline shows everywhere.
Aaron: Doing it instead of work man...
Alex: Yeah that's the dream.

If Forever Cult was to be described as a superhero who would it be?

Kieran: He'd have telekinesis obviously, Loft Man, I dunno, Barrier Man?
Aaron: I'd say that the big guy from The Incredibles, because we're all collectively idiots, but we've all got parts of us that all fit together and make it work.
Kieran: Barman!

Do you have any exciting plans coming up?

Alex: We've got more free music coming out in the next couple of months. Then we're gonna be cracking on with a full EP, and then more touring! We've got Live at Leeds and some all dayers and then some more dates in July.

After recently signing to Leeds label, Clue Records, it seems as though Forever Cult are set to continue to etch their names into the walls of the British indie scene. With huge tracks such as Yasmin and Suntrap behind them already it looks as if great things lie ahead for these fresh faced lads.

Twitter: @Forever_Cult

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