Friday, 17 April 2015

'Fiends' Single Review 'War Paint'

Fiends are 5 piece rock band based in London. The guys have really taken their time to shape their sound and make songs worth listening to. April 12th saw the release of the single 'War Paint'. Here's what we thought:

May I start by saying that the video is awesome. It really fits with the theme of the song showing the band taking to a field and attacking each other with paint (It looks really cool).

Vocals from the talented Luke Goddard are a stand out feature of the song with his high range and varying vocal tehniques. Instrumentally the song's structure is progressive in style with various sections that have difference in pace that switch from heart pounding and energetic to slightly more stripped back. There's a tonne of influences that weigh in on the song too.

The guitar work is intricate and particular with fantastic lead sections. The song take a couple of listens to take in all aspects that make it up but you won't regret having to listen more than once. In one song the band show diversity and strength in what they do.

Overall the song demonstrates a well thought out and catchy single that I'm sure the band will be playing consistently for the foreseeable future. We are really ecited to see what else Fiends have in store for their fans. Stay tuned!

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Twitter: @WeAreAllFiends
YouTube: Fiends Music

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