Wednesday, 1 April 2015

'Falling With Style' Mini-album Review 'Lost and Found'

We have talked about Falling With Style enough to not have to provide an introduction. What we will say is that unless you have been living underneath a rock you will know the band having been making waves with the build up to their newest release 'Lost and Found'. So, the golden question.. Has it been worth the wait? Here's a track-by-track review...

Opening introduction track 'Pilot' acts as an extended version of the bands leading single off the mini album 'Half Measures'. It is easy to see why the band led with this single as both it's narrative and heartfelt chorus supply a truly anthemic song. The group vocals towards the end of the song will also be a positive welcome to their live shows. The song also sounds incredible and is clearly mastered well. In addition it is clear that the band have taken their time to think about the music they write both instrumentally and lyrically. The single had an incredible reaction and will surely be a timeless classic for the band.

Second song 'Deathbeds' weighs in at a mere 2:31 in length. What it does do in that time is provide catchy vocals, ruthless screaming and an absolutely incredible and unexpected solo that quite literally melts your face. The guitar work here is an absolute highlight so hats off Ryan (Guitar). I was hoping for a longer song and was left wanting another verse at the end with the solo coming a chorus later, but hey that's me being picky!

'S05 E14' is another short track in terms of length though by no means should it be disregarded as a space filler. It acts as a fantastic medium between 'Deathbeds' and 'Paper Thin' allowing the listener to escape into a moment of appreciation. It's a cleverly titled track and helps give the mini-album a stronger theme.

'Paper Thin' demonstrates Lucas' (Vocals) ability to sing. Anyone that have heard the band live will know that he has some serious range that propels the band in terms of songwriting as there so many vocal techniques available to him. The contrast of Scotts (Screaming Vocals/Guitar) deep growls and Lucas' high yet raspy vocals are what makes this song work so well.

'Solace and Safety' is a personal favourite on the mini-album. It shows the band really let loose with it's high intensive energy and pushed-to-the-limit vocals. From the second the song hits your ears it's 100mph for the 2:55 your listening. The song manages to maintain the bands clear passionate drive and hearfelt emotion. The song is fantastic and shows the band branching out stylistically.

'Daylight' is the bands second single and the video has just been released in conjunction with the album release. The narrative in the video matches the song perfectly and is again shot beautifully. As for the song itself, it takes the fast-paced punky feel of 'Solace and Safety' and combines it with the anthemtic aura they produce in 'Half Measures'. It's the perfect track to close the mini-album with an instrumental outro that leaves you feeling like you have listened to something that means something.

Overall Falling With Style have really taken their time with 'Lost and Found' and it shows. The intricacy put into every track is clear and they have carried over the positive aspects of their music from their previous EP's into this mini-album. I hope that the guys stick to what they are good at whilst expanding their style and pushing themselves. Every release from the band has highlighted a chapter in a widening career and 'Lost and Found' adds beautifully to that. It will be interesting to see the next one unfold...

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