Sunday, 5 April 2015

'Elea Calvet' Artist Review

Bristol based Elea Calvet is a singer/songwriter originally from Canada. Despite still being on a local circuit Elea has a small following that could easily expand over time. We took a look at some of her music and here's what we thought:

Elea Calvet’s vocals shudder over the raw acoustic soundtrack, sounding like a cross between a pissed off Sheryl Crow and if Chrissie Hynde hadn’t found The Pretenders. Although not quite gifted with the range nor the clarity in melody the aforementioned comparatives do, Miss Calvet does have a touch of humanity in her voice that keeps the listener compelled, a sadly rare sound nowadays with most artists.

Elea will sure be someone to watch for in the future because as her writing develops, so will her popularity. Her songs already show some promise in terms of songwriting ability and that will improve over time as with any artist.

If you want to check out Elea's music then head over to her soundcloud page where you can download her music for free.

Facebook: eleacalvetmusic
Twitter: @eleapc

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