Thursday, 23 April 2015

'Callista' Single Review 'Hemmingway'

Callista are a Post-Rock / Hardcore band from Worthing, UK. Their newest single 'Hemmingway' was released at the end of March and in our eyes is hugely underrated! Check out what we thought of the single...

Post-Hardcore is a genre that seems to be really taking off in terms of popularity. The genre builds a gap between heavy and atmospheric music whilst creating an aura and sense of strong emotionalism whilst maintaining brutal and harsh screams.

Callista show in this song that their own take on the genre is a specifically strong one. With a combination of instrumental ambiance and sped up sections with strained and raw screams the song is an anthem of pure passion. 'Hemmingway' effortlessly switches between smooth, clean sections with beautiful lead picking riffs to sections of heavy distorted grit.

The piano that opens the song is truly nothing short of epic. I love bands that create really heavy albums but drop in a song or two that is purely instrumental or is slow and creates a building atmosphere, for example While She Sleeps' album 'Brainwashed' or Northlane's 'Singularity'. This single is a fantastic infusion between both instrumental and heavy.

Callista have made a fan out of me in one swift move with this song. Anyone one with an open mind about the new era of rock music or a specific interest in Post-Hardcore music should really pay attention to this! We will be keeping an eye...

Facebook: CallistaUK
Twitter: @callista_uk
Bandcamp: Weight of the World EP

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