Friday, 3 April 2015

'Beardmore' Band Review

Beardmore are a 4-piece Alt/Stoner Rock band  from Aylesbury/London. Bringing a Black Stone Cherry esk groove combined with a Clutch like appeal this is one band you don't want to miss out on listening to!

A thick guitar sound bursting from the speakers while a gritty vocal rises above, Beardmore are a band taken straight from the Clutch school of bar bands you’d hear in the background of a seedy film set in some backwater American town. The world needs those bands. Who are you going to want blasting your ears while you’re entering an illegal poker game with a bandana and a shotgun? Clutch, Down, ZZ Top and now, Beardmore.

Hitting all the classic rock stereotypes without appearing derivative – Beardmore don’t outstay their welcome, moving from one simple, catchy coda to another. "Sol" follows the Spartan songwriting of "M.D." and "Cut The Bone" with an excellent soaring mid-section while "Monday Night Lover" returns the mood to jovial with a jaunty tribute to sex improving the worst day of the week.

Coming to a sticky bar surprisingly close to you, the very impressive (and hopefully very hairy) Beardmore.

Head over to the bands bandcamp page and get their album for a mere £5. It's definitely Noizze recommendation.

Facebook: beardmoremusic
Bandcamp: beardmore

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