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Annisokay: An Interview With Noizze

We at Noizze had the priveledge of talking to Christoph from German Metalcore band Annisokay ahead of their UK tour this coming May. We found some really cool bits and bobs out about the bands latest album, their upcoming tour and things in between too! Check it out:

Noizze: So how did Annisokay come together? What's the story behind the band?

Christoph: To be honest, there isn‘t really an exciting story about how we came together. We were just young guys, who wanted to make rock and metal music! We met each other at local shows or in rehearsal rooms with other bands. It was a long process until ANNISOKAY actually formed as you know us today, because we changed members a lot over the first years. Christoph (me) and Norbert were the founding members, though everything really started rolling when our frontman Dave entered the band and we released our first album 'The Lucid Dream[er]'.

Noizze: Who are your musicial inspirations/idols?

Christoph: Everyone in the band has totally different inspirations and those idols also change a lot over the time. But if we need to mention a few, we’d choose bands like Limp Bizkit, Korn, Tool or newer acts like Bring Me The Horizon or Northlane. We’re not sticked to the metal Genre though. Michael Jackson is not only responsible for our band name, he’s also a big influence in us as musicians!

Noizze: This is your first time touring outside of Germany! What are your expectations of the tour?

Christoph: We’re more than excited to play this UK tour! Although a few of us have played foreign shows in earlier bands, we don’t really know what to expect. We‘ve heard good and bad things about being a touring band in the UK. We’re supporting FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS, who are doing pretty well right now, so I guess the shows should be packed and the crowds will hopefully go nuts! So many people from other countries write us messages everyday asking when we can finally visit their countries, so it’s a pretty cool feeling to finally start playing shows for all those people out there.

Noizze: Your latest single 'Carry me away' is a banger! What made you choose the song as the albums lead track?

Christoph: It was kind of a hard decision, because each member of the band has different favourites on this album. In the end we just thought we should choose a song that builds a bridge between our old album The Lucid Dream[er] and the new Annisokay sound in 'Enigmatic Smile'. 'Carry Me Away' has everything we love about our sound, and it starts so strong right in the first seconds. In addition, the idea for the video fits with the whole concept of the album artwork, so we couldn't help but choose this song as the first single.

Noizze: What inspired the music video for 'carry me away'?

Christoph: I directed all our videos to date, and this time the story is really connected to the lyrics of the song. Everyone has to part with a loved thing at least one time in life, so everyone has to learn how to let go and look ahead instead of being stuck to the past. If someone leaves you or even passes away, you’re often scared to forget about him/her or even hurt him/her [but] if you start to go on with your life and maybe get to know new people. The long road of letting go is often difficult to pass and is visualized in the video of 'Carry Me Away' by showing the protagonist taking a long and dangerous travel. He is carrying a wooden, locked box with him, which contains all the past things and memories he’s cling to. The box needs to be taken to a safe, far and unknown place, before he’s finally able to leave it behind.

Noizze: You guys managed to grab the attention of "metalcore production royalty" Joey Sturgis and Will Putney for the album 'Enigmatic Smile'. How was that experience for you guys?

Christoph: Joey and I have been friends for a longer time, cause I'm a music producer too. We had already worked together on a few projects. So it wasn't really hard for us to get in contact with him and ask him if he'd be down to work with us on a new record. At this early stage, we had the idea of doing an EP with him so we booked our plane, flew to Detroit and recorded 5 songs with Joey and his team. The time we had there was amazing. It was not only inspiring and exciting to fly to America and record with one of your favorite producers, we also learned a lot, grew together as a band and could of course benefit for the pronounciation of our english lyrics! When we got our songs back from Joey, we thought these songs are too amazing to just throw them out as an EP. So the only good option was to turn it into an album. Joey didn't have time for the second recording run, so we simply asked another favourite producer, William Putney, if he wanted to work with us and he agreed. As you can imagine, it was a pretty great experience for us to have both of our favorite producers on board!

Noizze: What are the themes lyrically in 'Enigmatic Soul'?

Christoph: The lyrics in "Enigmatic Smile" are all about life. It's about the issues between humans or the problems humans have with themselves. We even have some social critical lyrics on this record. Usually we don't explain the exact meaning of a song to our fans, cause these lyrics are interpretable for everyone. We think it's really cool and interesting if a song means something totally different to a fan then we thought. 

Noizze: What will the release of the album mean for you guys personally?

Christoph: It's a really huge step for us! We worked on this [for] so many countless hours and days, and put so much energy in it, that we're so happy that it's finally being released. An album is a still frame of a musicians life in a specific time, so this makes it even more interesting when we will look back at this album in a few years. The feedback we got so far is great, and there is nothing better than hearing a fan tell you how much he loves the album you worked on for such a long time.

Noizze: Where do you see yourselves in your musical career in the next year?

Christoph: Our biggest goal is to tour through the whole world with our music. As we start with UK in a few weeks, it would be amazing to tour the US or even Australia at some point next year! Also "Enigmatic Smile" won't be our last album of course!

Noizze: Finally, and we ask this to everyone we possibly can, what one album would you listen to for the rest of your lives if it was the only album you could listen to?

Christoph: That's a really tough question. It would probably be Nevermind by Nirvana! I've listened to this record every now and then for my whole life now, so that's probably one record that won't get on my nerves in a few years as well!

Annisokay are heading out on a UK tour in May with Fearless Vampire Killers! Make sure to get to a show to watch both bands!

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