Saturday, 25 April 2015

'A Mouth Full of Matches' Single Review 'Demon Days'

A Mouth Full of Matches (AMFOM) are a five piece alternative rock band from Manchester/Birmingham, UK. With much success in 2014 including a slot at Download Festival, via the Red Bull Competition, and the release of their EP 'Smoke Signals' AMFOM set themselves up for a promising 2015.

Today marks the release of the bands newest single 'Demon Days' off their upcoming third EP. We had the privilege of listening to the track a few weeks early, here is what we thought:

Having not heard AMFOM's previous material I only have this latest track to judge them on. Both the video and song had me intrigued from the beginning with the beautiful opening  riff to the slightly creepy aura given off by the video. Hats off to vocalist Tom Buxton for the vocal performance on the song. In general, instrumentally, the song is simple yet effective though carves the way for Tom to drop his vocal on top which is more than enough to hold the listener.

The strongest aspect of the song is its chorus. I have talked about 'BIG' sounding songs and chorus' in the past and this is one of them. Remember when The Rasmus had that period of time where everyone listened to them? Well that was because they had massive sounding chorus' and this is no different in terms of size. The chorus is a banger and will most definitely get stuck in your head.

The piano accompaniment in the bridge that plays in conjunction with hard hitting drums strikes a huge positive note in my books. The ringing of distorted guitars followed by the echoed vocals bring the bridge back into the catchy chorus effortlessly. The final chorus rounds off the song and had me pressing the repeat button instantly...

I really like AMFOM, they bring back that early 2000's solid rock sing-along feeling though have managed to modernize it in terms of production. The band make it their own and stand among a music scene that doesn't often see a good alternative rock band nowadays. AMFOM have made a fan out of me and we at Noizze are looking forward to the EP! 

Check out the brand new video for 'Demon Days' below:

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