Saturday, 7 March 2015

'Small Pond Big Fish' EP Review 'Close My Eyes'

Unsigned London rock band Small Pond Big Fish's new EP breaks new ground for London's underground music scene- with influences stemming from bands such as Muse and Paramore. The first track, 'Strange Thoughts Follow Shadows', opens the EP with intense riffs and tight fills from the band, whilst leaving way for powerful vocals from lead singer Iga Tchorz reminiscent of one of their greater influences; Paramore. Throughout the song, it is clear to see the heavier elements of their inspiration with pounding guitar and bass lines dominating the music. 

Second track, Be Careful With the Porcelain, kicks off nicely with a reverb soaked guitar line, a completely different tone to that of the first track. Once again, vocals are key and aside from some questionable harmonies, a really solid vocal tone is created before the band diving back into their heavier more chaotic chorus where the vocals once again compliment perfectly with a delicate balance of power and tone. 

This is completely different however in third track, Chiaroscuro. This subtle instrumental demonstrates the huge potential within the band, and provides a huge contrast to other moments in the EP. A lovely sound is made throughout the piece, both through the melodic and harmonic structures but also through the production of the sound resulting in a thoroughly emotive segment of the EP. Some discordance during the piece is slightly unexpected and also provides contrast on a largely repetitive chord based composition, however endearing. 

One part of the EP which I really enjoyed was the seamless transition between third track, Chiaroscuro, and anthemic fourth track, A Closed Mind, Wastes Time. This once again demonstrates the bands potential and artistic maturity in ways not usually approached by such young bands. The final track, Close My Eyes, brings a triumphant close to the EP with soaring guitar lines and a raucous rhythmic ending.

Small Pond Big Fish have really excelled with this EP and have shown off both their artistic capabilities and maturity as artists. With headline gigs at venues such as the Garage and the 02 academy Islington under their belts, the London teenagers look set to achieve great things. 

If you like the sound of these guys then check them out! The EP Close My Eyes is free on the bands bandcamp page too!

Bandcamp: Close My Eyes EP

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