Thursday, 12 March 2015

'RUN Off The Static' Album Review 'If You Have To Ask'

'RUN Off The Static' (ROTS) are a four piece Alt/Punk band from Hull, UK. I do love the bands story about a group of guys who started as a barber shop quartet and progressed and grew into the band they are.

The bands influences from bands such as 'Rush' and 'Smashing Pumpkins' shine through, especially instrumentally. The fast paced, high tension opener 'So Much' resonates energy and is an in your face track. It makes it harder to see the band as a barber shop quartet prior to starting this project! The well constructed solo section with hard hitting drums and crunchy riffs proves a highlight of the song.

More positives of the album include opening section of 'Kahlimah' and track 'Halcyon Days' that show some really inventive and creative musicianship. The riffs in tracks 'Fix It' and 'What Are You' are infectious and catchy with some memorable vocal chorus'. Song 'Dressed In My Lies' combines the bands intensity with a certain ferocity and raw energy that stands out from some of the other tracks.

The punky aspects of 'Further (Than You'd Think)' are reminiscent of a garage band that that sound like 'Blink 182' or 'Green Day' back in their prime. The song is slightly different to the other tracks stylistically but does show diversity in that aspect of the ROTS music. The opening musical sequence of 'Can't Sing That (Song)' sounds like the beginning of a fight sequence in a martial arts film with its punchy repetitive riff and the vocals demonstrate a cray high range! 

In general the album is a decent effort and shows some serious potential. The vocals are a little fuzzy and overall the quality and production of the album is unfortunately the biggest let down. Some of the raw energy doesn't come across as well as it could and thats a shame because there are some great positive to be heard. That said, some of the musicianship and vocal techniques could be carried across fantastically to a well produced song.

Give the guys in 'RUN Off The Static' the listen or like they deserve at a link below:

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Twitter: @RUNoffthestatic

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