Monday, 2 March 2015

Noizze Introduces... Maisetto

'Maisetto' are a four piece pop punk band from Manchester, UK. Having been around since 2009 these guys are no strangers to their local music scene. Since 2013 it would seem the band are making more serious moves forward in terms of spreading their musical reach...

Noizze Introduces



Brad Walker - Drums
Kyle Gibson - Lead Guitar
Tom Whitehead - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar 

The band formed in the Summer of 2009 under a different name and have been going strong since. In 2011 they changed their name and released their EP ‘Just Another Hang Up’. They have now released their debut album ‘Moving Forward’ and are now known as 'Maisetto'.

The bands album 'Moving Forward' was released 31st January 2014. It proved that 'Maisetto' are around to stay. In addition the guys managed to produce some incredible music with tracks such as 'Memory Lane',  'Take My Breath Away' and 'Oktavia' supplying highlights to what is overall an awesome opening album. A mix of atmospheric sounding songs coupled together with the emotive and passionate singing means the album bangs out anthem after anthem. 

In many cases bands can get complaicant after the hype of a release dies down... This is not the case here. A year on and the band seem to be pushing and pushing. Their newest single 'Thrown Away' is apparently only a demo but sounds incredible. It shows a more mature sound from the band but is instantly recognisable. All aspects of the song show advances in the terms of the strength of the vocals and song structure. The track has a 'You Me At Six' feel with big punchy chorus' and energetic verses. Again the band have managed to produce an anthem of a song that i'm sure goes down incredibly well live!

In addition to the bands own releases they have set more of a focus on their YouTube channel producing high quality covers of popular songs. This is an idea that bands should be cottoning on to as the digital market is expanding so quickly and can be a fantastic outlet for bands to showcase themselves. With the covers so far the guys show a huge range in terms of influences of music and styles though manage to put their own acoustic twist on them all. From 'Ed Sheeran' to 'Bring Me The Horizon' diversity shines through in these videos with a certain professionalism added in terms of quality.

'Maisetto' are a whole package band. They are already producing incredible music and are letting their individual character ooze through within that which is hard to do. Their DIY ethics in terms of creating more avenues in which to see 'Maisetto' is something that all bands should be striving to do with the competitive music market at present. If anything I am surprised at how the band are not bigger in terms of fan base.

The bands album ‘Moving Forward’ is available on iTunes, Spotifty and Soundcloud. All of the bands music is available for free download. Show some love and head to their page. If you don't now you only will be soon anyway...

Facebook: @Maisetto
Twitter: @maisetto

Soundcloud:  Thrown Away (New Single)
YouTube: Maisetto

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