Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Noizze Introduces... Atlas Will Atone

As a music review site, we get sent a lot of well under par music that we have to review. Sometimes you just don't know where to begin or even if you can. Every now and then though we have some unknown band from the middle of nowhere send you some music that entirely restores your faith in the musicians of the future. Atlas Will Atone is one of those bands.

Noizze Introduces...

Atlas Will Atone


Sion Foulkes - Vocals
Ben Jones - Guitar, backing vocals
Aled Hughes - Guitar, backing vocals
Daf Jones - Bass
Rhys Evans - Drums

With their debut EP released in late February these guys are going strong on a path to the big leagues, yet they've been around since 2013? Clearly taking their time to hone their craft, and it's payed off. The EP is phenomenal with well written melodies, neck breaking riffs, soaring chorus lines and skin peeling screams that will either bring you to your knees or raise your feet off the ground. Sion Foulkes' vocals cover a fantastically dynamic range across the EP showing he can easily stand amongst the pros, whilst the guitar duo of Ben Jones and Aled Hughes is in essence simplistic, yet highly effective and intuitive.

Overall a highly impressive band that I think are definitely a group to look out for in the future and personally one that i will be following with much anticipation in the future.

I managed to grab an interview with the band and heres what they had to say:

1. So for people who haven't heard of you, give us the low down, who are you, what are you about and how did it all happen?

Sorta melodic hardcore with catchy choruses really... From Bangor, North Wales!

Everyone except me (Ben) had been in bands that had disbanded, or pretty much disbanded. Sion and Rhys just needed guitars basically, so they put up adverts late 2012. Me and Aled joined via that, then after a couple of months trying to find a bassist Aled's mate Daf joined. I brought some ideas that I'd demoed at home and we jammed them and enjoyed it. Basically how we still do it now.

2. And you've just released an outstanding ep, what was your creative process like? Was it flashes of inspiration or just general grinding the tracks out?

Every one started as an idea/track I recorded at home and posted on soundcloud.  Pretty much would just sit down at night in my room and play until bits worked. The other four would listen and crit it, then we'd jam it and work out new bits, or fixes. Slow going haha we started planning the EP late 2013. One track is about 2 years old next month (Alive Again)

3. Did you record it all in a studio or was it just bedroom magic?

It was all recorded at Orange Studios, Penmaenmawr with Russ Hayes. Genius. 11 days I think it took.

4. So whats next for you guys? anything big on the horizon?

We're hoping to spread further afield over summer, maybe a tour or two. We're supporting Zoax in Chester on April 2nd too. Should be good.

5. What's your best experience with the band to date? any mental experiences so far?

Playing with Acoda and Vera Cruz in Rhyl was pretty mental. Probably my favourite gig too.

Here's some more off the cuff and random questions...

6. What would be your ultimate band you'd like to tour with?

Touring with Architects would be awesome. Would say Heart in Hand, but they've died now...

7. and finally who is your weird celebrity crush? 

Um... Kevin Bacon. Mainly for his surname.

Get the bands debut EP over at their bandcamp page and head over to their Facebook to give them a like:

Facebook: @AtlasWillAtone
Bandcamp: atlaswillatone

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