Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mordrake - 'Unhallowed Chambers' Review

Mordrake are a dark melodic metal band hailing from Bristol. The band formed in 2012 and self-released their mini-album 'Unhallowed Chambers' last year.

After a minute long synth intro the album starts proper with 'Rumours, Myths and Legends', a track replete with riffs straight out of an unreleased Pantera album, which is no bad thing. Next up is 'Faded From Existence' which flicks effortlessly between slow, doom influenced riffing to fast paced, chaotic black metal sections. It's what I imagine Candlemass would sound like if they hired Skeletonwitch's Chance Garnette on lead vocals and all started wearing corpsepaint. 

Fourth track in 'Claim for the Dark' sounds like the bands take on more traditional metal and it works really well. The synths and guitar tone in 'Within this World' serve to bring atmosphere to a track that would be quite flat and lifeless without but what we end up with is a dark, slow paced atmospheric track that gives the listener some breathing room before picking the pace up again with closer 'Guardians Will Return'.

There's a lot of potential on display here but if I had to criticise I'd say that it feels a little unfocussed at times. It's almost as if the guitarist, drummer and vocalist take their influences from vastly different sources and it just doesn't blend together into a cohesive whole. These moments are few and far between though and on the whole what you have here is a talented band with a promising future in the metal world. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on these guys and I think you all should too.

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