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'METЯOPOLIS' Album Review 'Out Of Mind'

'METЯOPOLIS' are an alternative rock band from Suffolk, UK. They have made appearances at Alt-Fest, Glastonbudget, Lodestar and the Rock and Blues festival amongst others. The 5 piece have combined a mix of influences to create their own unique sound. Here is what we thought of the bands latest album 'Out Of Mind'...

Opening track 'Goodbye Pompeii' instantly demonstrates that the band have combined a number of influences in their music. The inclusion of simple guitar riffs and underlying synth patterns sit well together and the commanding vocals of Chris Longman make for a well structured song. The track is reminiscent of a tamed 'Iron Maiden' and by that I mean Maiden without the operatics. The similarity lies in the general feel that this music has on stage with encapturing theatrics at it's forefront.

The album has tonnes to offer with tracks that sound like 'Alice in
Chains' to ones that sound more futuristic with the inclusion of synths. Tracks 'My Metropolis', '30 Degrees Below' and 'Sirens' further demonstrate the bands ability to contrast punchy riffs and solo sections with 80's retro sounding keys/synths that at times create an eerie aura. Some of the songs do sometimes feel a little hollow and don't have a lot going on behind the vocals.

The album does well to chop and change the pace and tempo with opening sections of songs 'New Ice Age' and 'Outer Space' showcasing initial synth sections rather than jumping straight into the song. Other songs 'Sentinel' and 'A Thousand Suns' jump straight in with high paced, energetic drums and solid riffs.

What 'METЯOPOLIS' have managed to do it take a classical style of music and modernise it in their own way. At times the music can feel outdated but that's not necessarily a bad thing as it sits well with fans of rock both old and new. In addition the band have music that is perfect for turning their stage presence into a performance that is more than just music. 
 Another noteworthy quote I admire shows the bands work ethic with their 'About Me' section stating; "We are committed to becoming a success and are professional, good to work with, arrive on time, are happy to travel, and cause very little fuss." These attributes are often overlooked and the effort put in behind creating a fully working band is no easy task which makes this honest statement one that I stand behind.

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