Wednesday, 11 March 2015

'Allusondrugs' Gig Review 'Y Plas - Cardiff'

I managed to go and catch 'Enter Shikari' on tour with 'Allusondrugs', 'Feed The Rhino' and 'Fatherson'. The gig was incredible with 'Feed The Rhino' tearing the place apart and 'Enter Shikari' still putting on one of the best live shows I have ever seen to date. That said, that's not why we were there. Here's what we thought of the awesome 'Allusondrugs':

So how do you sum up a band like 'Allusondrugs'... Rock and roll with attitude and a sprinkle of crazy seems to do it. Frontman Jason Moules holds an energetic and eerie stage presence that encapsulates the viewer. At times its like watching Kurt Curbain kick his stuff all over the stage but don't assume that 'Allusondrugs' are simply a regeneration of 'Nirvana'. They are a Grunge sounding band and hold a similar aura though seem to modernise their performance and put their own little Hardcore / Rock N' Roll twist on it. 

Throughout the set I grew more and more fixed on the bands performance. Some of the bands songs contain instrumental sections with sparadic guttural screams and murmering that let it all out and leave nothing hidden. What you have here is music to vent to and by that I mean music that acts as a form of energy release. To reiterate an earlier point, the frontmanship from Jason Moules is really what makes the bands live performance. He has the ability to hold the crowds attention yet not sacrifice anything in terms of vocal efficiency.

'Allusondrugs' gave a wholly impressive performance with the band showing plenty of potential for the future. They produce a good live show and can hold the crowd with ease. Their energy infused, raw performance will have fans screaming for more.

'Allusondrugs' are currently in the middle of their March/April tour so go and catch them at a date near you! Take a look at some of the bands pages below too!

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Twitter: @allusondrugs


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