Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A Dying Reign - 'Humans' EP Review

A Dying Reign are a Metal/Metalcore band hailing from Stockton-on-Tees and 'Humans' is their debut EP. 

I must confess that I've never been a big fan of metalcore but I think that's just because I'm old. I remember when the whole emo thing came about I'd have rather ripped off my fucking ears and shoved them up my arse than listen to a Fallout Boy album and I'd attribute this bitterness to my utter distain towards scene-kids. It's likely the very same distain that's made me keep my distance from metalcore, though I have tried to get into it. I recall Sonisphere 2011, myself and the miscreants I attended with thought we'd give Architects a listen and made it around 30 seconds into the opening song before spinning on our heels and heading for the bar.

So before I continue digging this grave with a headstone clearly marked "Back In My Day.." I'd like to say that I really enjoyed A Dying Reign's debut EP. The four tracks on display here are extremely well produced and show a high level of musical proficiency and talent. The EP kicks off with 'No Victim, No Slave', a track with a nice djent-sounding intro and excellent vocal delivery and guitar work from lead guitarist/vocalist James Gibson.

The clean vocals during third track in 'Winter (Is A Killer)' seem to come out of nowhere without warning or ceremony and feel a little out of place, but bear in mind that this is coming from someone without that much experience of the whole metalcore thing. The crowning moment of the EP for me comes in the closer 'Humans', a track that really highlights how talented the individual members of the band are.

Fans of the genre are sure to enjoy this EP, as will anyone who's ever gotten their teeth kicked in during Machine Head's 'Ten Ton Hammer' whilst frequenting their favourite dingy, sweat encrusted underground rock club. Although it's not convinced me to go out and buy a Parkway Drive t-shirt and hair straighteners, it has convinced me that perhaps I should occasionally stop being such a bitter misanthropic twat and not judge bands by genre labels.

All-in-all I have to say that it's heartening to see metal of this caliber come out of the UK. 'Humans' is an excellent little introduction to the band with some really catchy riffs and memorable vocal lines. You can pick up the EP for a meagre £2 from their bandcamp page so I'd recommend heading over there, checking this little beauty out then crossing your fingers for a full-length sometime soon.

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