Friday, 6 February 2015

'When In Rome' Single Review 'When Memories Fade'

'When In Rome' are a Metalcore/Post-Hardcore band from York/Leeds hailing influences from all different kinds of metalcore giants such as Asking Alexandria, Trivium, Bring Me The Horizon etc. The bands sound is very reminiscent of said infuences but this isn't necessarily a bad thing! Here's what we thought of the single 'When Memories Fade'...

Heavy distorted guitar... check. Brutal screams... check. Atmospheric lead guitar picks that sit over a solid recurring drum beat and rhythm guitar... check check check. So 'When Memories Fade' ticks all the boxes in terms of what the band want to achieve with their post-hardcore style sound. Their ambient verses and overlapping of soft and screaming vocals are great. The chorus blends in well and fits the song though I did feel I wanted more punchiness and energy. Saying that, the breakdown made up for the song in terms of adding an energetic, harder hitting quality.

The song itself is almost too long at a whopping 5 minutes 13 seconds. A perfect fade out would have been before the feature singer section of the song. Not that its bad, it just could have almost been two songs with a lot more scope!

What 'When In Rome' have proven here is that they fit into the genre well. Their next step is to push through that boundary that makes them stand out. They have qualities and strengths such as their general musicianship, a talented frontman and the ability to add both clean and screaming vocals to their music. I am interested to see what other material the band has and will most definitely be checking it out!

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