Sunday, 22 February 2015

'Steven Poland' EP Review 'The Defamation of No​-​one In Particular'

'Steven Poland' is a singer/songwriter from Manchester, UK. His latest EP 'The Defamation of No-one in Particular' was sent to us to have a look. Here's what we thought:

Opening track 'Arr Ayy Cee Aitch' is fantastic lyrically. The song doesn't seem quite gripping enough to have been placed at the beginning of the EP but none the less is easily listenable.

Track two 'Farewell Good Lucking (Bye)' has a beautiful melody and makes up for the previous track. The song is emotive and passionatly driven though manages to add lines that are humorous and descriptive. The songwriting here is again brilliant and the storytelling ability puts a clear picture in the listeners head.

Track three 'Fidelity's Always Better When She Gets It In' is very simple. Again the song lyrically is great but some of the vocals are a little shaky at times and the chorus isn't hugely different to the verse sections with no change in playing style or chord patterns.

Final track 'Nothing Short Of Psychosis' is easily the best track on the EP sounding like a band anthem turned acoustic tune. There is more intricate guitar patterns and the vocals sore in comparison to some of the other tracks. The storytelling ability is still present in the song and nothing is lost in terms of the positives mentioned before.

The EP is a little hit and miss though shows real potential with the likes of 'Farewell Good Lucking (Bye)' and 'Nothing Short Of Psychosis'. There are many positives here that far outweigh the negatives and the EP has shown that 'Steven Poland' has the raw talent in place with a songwriting ability that many artists don't have. If the next EP can bang out songs of the same stature as 'Nothing Short Of Psychosis' then that will be something to look out for!

Head over to the pages below to get the EP as a free download:

Twitter: @StevenPoland
Bandcamp: Steven Poland

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