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Noizze Introduces... The Eighth Bridge

'The Eighth Bridge'.. A band of Welsh metallers bringing back something wholly unheard in recent years. The band produce a sound reminiscent of the 'Pantera' era and it seems to be a massive hit thats helping them make a name for themselves.

Noizze Introduces...

The Eighth Bridge


Sean Williams - Vocals
Danny Willicombe - Lead Guitar
Dave Watkins - Rhythm Guitar
Ben Sainty - Bass Guitar
Gareth "Mr G" Rees - Drums

'The Eighth Bridge' are a heavy rock/metal band based in Cardiff, Wales. After forming in September 2012 the band are set to release their first fully self-produced EP which is as of yet unnamed. So far, they have released a demo EP that shows awesome potential and was an instant hit with listeners, gaining them the momentum to push forward.

We asked the guys what the new single will mean for them as a band and here's why the Bridge are so excited:

Sean: What does the release of the single mean to me? It means a lot to me because it's the first single we've had that sounds professional and has a lot of quality. I've been excited for this single since we first started it because from day 1 I knew it was going to be awesome. It really shows how we have progressed over the last year and how we have found our sound. This is just the first of many new tracks we have been working on and I can't wait to release the EP later on in the year. It's been a long process so far but totally worth it and I know our fans and future fans are really going to enjoy this track.

Danny: The exciting thing for me about this track coming out now is that it set the standard as to where we are right now with the band. We've naturally developed quite a bit since our last release, there's definitely a more defined 'Bridge' sound, not only in terms of songwriting but also production, which will be more evident when our EP comes out later in the next few months. 'Black' is a great song, crunchy riffs and big chorus' always go down well live. I had a listen in the studio the other day when laying down the solo and I have to say... the whole thing is sounding pretty epic! Looking forward to getting it out there and into as many earholes as possible!

Dave: The single release is a pretty big deal for myself as it will be my first release where I have been involved in the engineering and production side of things. It's been a steep learning curve but one I have relished. It's sounding really good and finally showing off what this band sounds like. Theres still a lot of work to do but we're all looking forward to getting it all out there. After that I'm looking forward to hopefully working with some other bands to record.

Ben: I feel this single is a testament to the work we have put in over the last two years. Because its been produced in house by Dave and we have had full control over what we want for the single which means we have a product that truly represents what The Eighth Bridge is all about. It will be the ultimate business card for us and I'm confident that it will take us to the next level.

Gareth: Releasing anything into the public domain from a close camp like ours is both scary and exciting. To let something you've put everything in to go free and be scrutinised, critiqued and hopefully loved by the people who are involed in this genre is an occasion in itself. I'm just totally stoked that we can put this out there and share our music and passion with the world. #yolomib #youonlyliveoncemakeitbridge

Since making their live debut in June 2013 the band have been taking up gig opportunities dotted around the UK to try and gain a fan base. Their six track EP entitled 'Twist The Knife' was recorded, mostly live, at Music Box Studios in Cardiff to support their live performances. Despite the songs being slightly rough around the edges it has aided the band in having digital tracks on demand for listeners.

The band took 2014 head on entering a battle of the bands competition that saw them wowing crowds they have never played to before. The eventual success, due to their incredible stage presence, saw them find themselves a place on the 2015 Hammerfest alongside names such as bands like 'Kamelot', 'Orange Goblin', 'Skalmold' and more. In conjunction with this the band released a lyric video and remastered their song 'Wake Or Die'. Both the competition success and release of new material benefitted the band greatly and saw a huge influx in fans. Have a look at the video for 'Wake Or Die' below and the band featured on the Hammerfest poster!...


So where are the band looking to go now? What's next? Well the band have a lot on the horizon to look forward to. Off the back of their accomplishments they have taken time to self-record an EP fully mixed and mastered. We will receive the first taste of this in the form of their single 'Blood' out March 12th. The single demonstrates that the band have taken a massive leap in terms of their songwriting ability and musicianship.

Overall what you see here is an up and coming band that jump from strength to strength. There is a void at present where current rock music is moving on and evolving, but does that mean that earlier genres should die off? No, instead bands like 'The Eighth Bridge' have taken classic genres and modernised them. This is Thrash 2.0 so get on board!

The single 'Blood' will be released as a free download on the bands facebook and soundcloud March 12th. Links to both can be found below:

Facebook: The 8th Bridge
Twitter: @The8thBridge
Soundcloud: the8thbridge

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