Sunday, 8 February 2015

'Nick Tann' EP Review '3AM'

'Nick Tann' is an acoustic musician from Southampton, UK who takes influences from artists such as 'Elvis Costello', 'Dallas Green' and many more. Here is what we at Noizze made of his own take on meaningful acoustic music...

Nick Tann’s vocal quivers as he slides from a Kasabian-esque, staccato introduction in “Never Did Me Harm” to what sounds like an B side from the OST of “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly” – and oddly, it works. The album slips into a myriad of acoustic influences, reminiscent of what K T Tunstall with a sex change or Jack Johnson without an American accent would sound like.

The entire album has a soothing quality -“Coming Home” sounds precisely like the satisfied sigh of throwing your shoes across your hall after a long day at work while title track “3am” glitters with the American heartland feel that Counting Crows originally mastered on “August And Everything After”. It’s the stand-out song that excellently displays Tann’s vocal range and melodic awareness.

The guitar work, while not in a style that oft-recognises mercurial stringsmen, the jangling notes in “Parallel Lines have an impressive streak of dexterity while maintaining a Ed Sheeran-esque chart sensibility. Perhaps Tann, with a more auburn shade atop his head, isn’t related to the ginger crooner - but the announcement of a once removed cousinship wouldn’t surprise.

If you want to check out Nick Tann's music check out any or all of the links below!

FB: @nicktannsbandpage
Twitter: @Nick_Tann
Website: Nick Tann

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