Thursday, 26 February 2015

'Last Chance City' EP Review 'Five Tracks Later'

'Last Chance City' are an Indie Rock Band from the Isle of Wight, UK. Their EP 'Five Tracks Later' was released on January 14th and the debut single 'Realise' was met with great reception. Here is what we thought of the EP...

Opening track 'Realise' is the perfect introduction to the album. The song kicks in after an inital picking riff and a 'Rolling Stones' (Paint it Black) style drumbeat. The energy infused track is instantly gripping. This said, the bridge section doesn't quite fit with the song as there is a significant change in tempo and rhythym. In addition the vocals, and the song in general, took a good few listens before I could put the two together. There is just something about them that doesn't seem to match when put together in one track. Overall the  passionate drive of the song strikes an emotive chord and has seemed to bode well with fans.

'Hold Back The Fire' has a tonne of influences present upon first listen, so many that it sent my head spinning. The harsh, pushed vocals are still present in the chorus and makes a sound like 'Anthrax' meets 'Kaiser Chiefs' (If you can picture that)!

The latter tracks 'Pirates', 'Creation' and 'Revolution' are more personally preferable. The vocals are stripped back and the group vocals sit well with the style of music LCC are going for. Track three 'Pirates' sounds as if the vocals are completely different than the first two songs which is great though it does disjoint the EP. The song 'Creation' has a drumbeat that is bound to get the listener dancing. With it's repeated group vocals and memorable lyrics the song is a stand out track on the EP. Final song on the EP 'Revolution' is more of Rock anthem with a catchy and melodic chorus.

To sum up the EP there is a just a lot going on with a lot of styles and influences present. There's no denying there's stacks of talent and the musicianship is great but with all the influences combined the EP can be very hit and miss. At times it feels more like a compilation cd of five different bands rather than one. Don't get me wrong, thats a good thing because they have a huge arsenal of styles to pick from they just need to target it and find their own unified sound.

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