Wednesday, 11 February 2015

'Kill City Radio' Band Review

'Kill City Radio' are a rock/punk quartet from Glasgow (UK). Have a look at what thought about some of their music...

With a Manic Street Preachers vibe, 'Kill City Radio' are a combination of classic rock style and punk’s raw sound – complete with the feedback flirt of a distorted bass. Our review begins with the rather appropriately titled “Starts It All”, a surprisingly low-tempo number that occasionally hints at thrilling the listener – trundling along at a reasonable pace. 

“Enter The Rat Race” follows, another number that features a title that should suggest a Rise Against-esque call to arms, but rarely progresses from the understated (but not underrated) bass and drums intro. Sadly, it seems KCR are dangerous in name only. 

“Policy” is a progression of intensity that provides welcome relief, maintaining the lateral riffing but with the addition of a more forceful beat. While the enthusiasm is evident, 'Kill City Radio' would perhaps benefit from a more exotic instrumental style, thus eliminating comparisons to otherwise over-trodden paths.

If you want to check out 'Kill City Radio' follow the link below:

Facebook: Kill City Radio

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