Sunday, 15 February 2015

'Erin Scarlett' Album Review 'A Change of Colour'

'Erin Scarlett' is a singer/songwriter from Kent with an alterntive electro pop infusion. With an 'Ellie Goulding' vibe Scarlett has a soothing tone and is instantly able to take you to a happy place. Her simply beautiful voice resonates soft tones and melody which translates well to the various styles she showcases in the album.

Erin's album 'A Change of Colour' is a fantastic mix of chilled out music, with passionate and heartfelt emotive narratives throughout, and electronic dance music. The musicianship of the album is also amazing including an insane amount of instruments including synths and a range of acoustic instruments. The album takes you from folk/indie vibes to electronic dubstep within a heartbeat (I know it sounds weird but it works... WELL).

Track 'Taken By The Sound' comes in mid-album to provide a fantastic electro/dance piece inclusive with Scarlett's vocals. In contrast, tracks 'Love For Now' and 'Screens and Virtual Friends' offer strong pop acoustic songs with some folk infusion. The opening track 'Change' and following two tracks 'Light After Shade' and 'Hold Me' all provide the soft acoustic songs with influences showing from 'Kate Nash' at times with fast paced vocals.

What you have here is a beautifully honest and innocent feeling album that takes influence and inspiration from those such as 'Imogen Heap' and 'James Morrison' but adds the futuristic and atmospheric dance vibe at times. It is of a similar caliber to that of what 'Ellie Goulding' manages to achieve with her latest album 'Halcyon'. There are not many others that can do what she does... but keep an eye because 'Erin Scarlett' can.

We absolutely love Erin Scarlett and if your in acoustic pop music or like any of the artists we have mentioned throughout the post then make sure to check out her new album at any of the links below:

FB: Erin Scarlett
Twitter: @ErinScarlett
Soundcloud: A Change of Colour

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