Saturday, 28 February 2015

'Black Surf' Single Review 'Are We Getting Closer?'

'Black Surf' are an Alternative Rock band from Leeds, UK. Their single 'Are We Getting Closer?' is a throwback in terms of musical style bringing back an early 2000 'Oasis' vibe. As for the video its footage shot on a retro Super 8 camera of original 1790's footage across the U.S which looks fantastic! Here's what we thought of the song...

The heavy thud of a kick pedal and the ringing clean guitar kicks off this summer anthem. With a 'Paradise City' feel at its opening, the song progresses into a distorted banger that will get stuck in your head and have you hitting repeat over and over. The fantastic vocal melodies offers a sing-along in contrast to the fuzzy distorted sound that will interest indie rock fans.

The song is surely a passionate driving force at live performances with the roar of the vocal line "Ain’t nothing shocking to me shocking to me". The video does well to encompass exactly what the song makes you feel in showing clips of what seems like a roadtrip (Nothing better)!

Below is the video for the bands single 'Are We Getting Closer?'

I enjoyed reading the bands bio that stated they were "Shameless alternative rock that makes people want to kiss and punch each other at the same time..." and you know what that pretty much sums up what 'Black Surf' are doing! The song is nothing short of great and the bad should be proud!

If you like what you have read then go and have a listen to 'Black Surf'! Their EP with the single on is on the bands bandcamp for free download!

Facebook: Black Surf Music
Twitter: @BlackSurfBand

Bandcamp: Black Surf

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