Friday, 23 January 2015

'Tyler Carter' EP Review 'Leave Your Love'

If you haven’t heard of the band Issues, we at Noizze strongly advise you to give them a listen. Following the release of the band's self-titled debut LP in February 2014 via Velocity/Rise Records it landed in the Billboard Top 10 in its first week of release. Following this, the band began to grow in popularity and quickly embarked on a number of tours and performances around the world. Issues recently wrapped up their headline stint on the 'Journeys Noise Tour' and will support 'Pierce The Veil' and 'Sleeping With Sirens' on a world tour this spring.

After a very successful 2014, front man Tyler Carter has released his debut solo EP 'Leave Your Love' via
Velocity/Rise Records. The 6 song EP, chosen as one of Alternative Press' "Most Anticipated" of the new year, was also praised as, "the first album/EP you need to hear in 2015," by Under The Gun Review. Spin is featuring the lead single "Georgia"  in this week's Singles Mix, calling it a, "dreamy synth-soul eruption, which marries James Blake sonics with Justin Timberlake hooks."

Here at Noizze we were fortunate enough to gain the opportunity to listen to and review this long awaited E.P. and here is what I thought:

The first song entitled ‘Sophisticated’ really showcases Tyler’s unique sound, incorporating the use of synths and a backing beat. It really shows off his vocal techniques and vast range. The track has an overall chilled feel to it and is very easy to listen to.

‘Leave Your Love” is the second track of the EP Again, consisting of a mixture of synths and backing beats, Tyler again shows off his wide range of vocal talents. However, unlike the previous track, this track has a deeper feeling, with lyrics focusing on a relationship break up. The lyrical content is is far more advanced than some of the other tracks.

‘Georgia’, the third track on the EP is another cracker. Much like the previous track, focusing on a relationship break up, with lyrics of a more somber and serious feeling. However, although the song may have a more ‘serious’ and down beat feeling, Tyler manages to make this into a top song, easy to listen to and great on the ears.

The following tracks of the EP are very much the same, consisting of the R&B/hip hop style beats and synthesisers. However, in my eyes this is not a negative. This allows Tyler to show off his vocal range and thats what this EP is all about. His rapping skills and clean singing vocals which had made me a fan of him, and band ‘Issues’ straight from the first time I heard them are what will draw fans to this EP.

Taking the EP as a whole, I would have to agree with ‘Spin’s’ view of it as “a synth soul eruption”. I really rate this EP and believe it shows off Tylers range of vocal talents in a great light, vocals which would not be out of place on the R&B tracks which we hear in the clubs and charts today. I’m not a fan of comparing artists to one another or put them into stereotypical boxes, but if I was to describe this to someone who had not heard it before id describe Tyler as the Alternative Chris Brown.

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