Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Judas Cradle - 'Self-Inflicted' EP Review

Usually before I even contemplate writing a review I'll do some research into the band in question, find out what they're about, where they're from, etc. This didn't take up too much time with Newport based grindcore band The Judas Cradle since I could only find a Facebook page and their Bandcamp, containing their debut EP 'Self-Inflicted'. This could be the band deliberately trying to be ambiguous, or it could be attributed to the fact that the band only formed towards the end of last year. Since the band have only been together a few months and have released an EP and started gigging, it's clear this is a band that doesn't fuck around.

From the first notes of eight second long EP opener 'Cursed' you instantly know what The Judas Cradle are about. Raw, punchy, hard kick to the face grindcore. As much as I'd like to avoid comparisons, the comparison to Napalm Death's 1987 debut album 'Scum' is unavoidable in my eyes since 'Scum' is the essence of what grindcore is all about and these guys have captured that feel perfectly. Although this EP isn't quite as raw as 'Scum' I'm sure this is due to recording technology having significantly changed in the last 28 years as opposed to the band having intentionally polished the sound.

The EP features eight tracks with a total running time of just over eight minutes and track titles like 'Jabba the Slut' and 'Born a Cunt', this little gem endeared itself to me almost instantly. Dirty bass, great vocals and some great riffs, any fan of grindcore would be hard pressed to find fault with this EP. Highlights include the two tracks mentioned earlier in this paragraph and fifth track in 'Mind Eraser' with it's absolutely filthy bass intro. 

'Self-Inflicted' is on the bands Bandcamp page as a name your price download and I highly recommend checking it out and putting some money towards it. Great work lads, keep it up.

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