Monday, 26 January 2015

'Seven Stories High' EP Review 'seven stories high-EP'

'Seven Stories High' are a pop-punk five-piece originating in Swansea (UK). Sharing the stage with bands like Kids Can't Fly, Decade, Light You Up and Hey Vanity since forming June 2014, they have risen quickly in their local area being known for their energetic, comedic and commanding stage presence.

First track, cover of the 'Ed Sheeran' hit single 'The A Team', is a really good cover. The band havn't changed too much but at the same time have done well to make it there own. With the slow paced verses dropping into a big sounding chorus', Seven Stories High have managed to take what is generally a chilled out song and turn it into what i'm sure is a banger live! Only down side is that the sound quality of the track is slightly grainy and muffled at times, would love to hear a properly mastered version! In terms of adding this song to an EP is brave let alone making it the opening track. Despite this, the song eases you in to what the band have in store for you.

Track two 'Have Another Night' and track three 'You're a Count and I Can't Spell' are the songs I was listening out for to impress me. 'Have Another Night' began by showing some real potential. The vocalist has the perfect tone for the band's alternative/pop punk vibe. Track three 'You're a Count...' proves as a highlight with a wholly energetic 4 and a half minutes to offer. The band here don't sound like a typical pop punk band and that's a great thing. The two original songs here both prove that the band have potential to create high energy songs with a slightly heavy edge yet still maintain a listenable feel with catchy melodies.

Overall I find this EP shows that 'Seven Stories High' are definitely not a pop punk band. There's no American style vocals or lyrics about friends who suck, this is a genuine British alternative band who are out to prove a point. They do well to show both character and ambition through the EP. It's just a shame that the quality of sound on the EP is kinda grainy as these are songs I want to be able to turn up and rock out to!

You can grab the self-titled 'Seven Stories High' EP at all major online music stores/streaming services now!

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