Sunday, 4 January 2015

Noizze's Top 10 Albums 2014 (Frank - Writer)

The second installment of our albums of 2014... Here's Frank's top 10 albums...
10. Derange – Change (EP)

A London band that I have followed for some time now, their first EP shows a lot of promise for the album they plan to be releasing early next year.

9. Wovenwar – Wovenwar

A debut album that was a knockout success and showed the bands ability to produce well written good listening hard music.

8. Mastodon – Once more ‘round the sun

These veterans of the prog sphere never fail to deliver an album that is always a little different from their last, a constantly evolving band that has once again released a rather evolved album.

7. Distorted Harmony - Chain Reaction

My surprise of the year, I discovered these guys off a facebook ad of all places and was highly pleased with what I found.

6. Periphery – Clear (EP)

So I fucking love this band and am therefore compelled to like anything they release regardless, still, it’s pretty dope yo!

5. Ed Sheeran – X

I bought it so the girlfriend would have something to listen to in the car…. It grew on me, besides ginger power man!

4. Wo Fat – The Conjuring

If you like your stoner doom metal you’ll probably already have this in your album collection, otherwise, get it, great heavy album that might not produce anything groundbreaking or incredible but you’ll always enjoy listening to it.

3. The Contortionist – Language

It takes more than one listen to really appreciate whats going on with this album. Brilliantly written and leaves you wanting more all the time

2. Monuments – The Amanuensis

A firm favourite band of mine, they took what they achieved with their first album and really cranked up the heat with this well put together and inspiring release.

1. Skyharbor – Guiding Lights

An incredible album that was entirely fan sourced these guys are my hot pick at the moment, just get it, seriously. Then go watch their newest music video, you will know beauty by the end of it!

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