Monday, 19 January 2015

Noizze Introduces... Falling With Style

Its 2015 and so kicks off our brand new blog post 'Noizze Introduces...' and who better to start with than our good friends 'Falling With Style'.

Falling With Style

Lucas Woodland - Vocals
Scott Carey - Guitar/Vocals
Ryan James - Lead Guitar
Ben Elliott - Bass
Thom Pike - Drums


Here's what Falling With Style means to it's members:

Ben - "Falling With Style is my tribe of wetties."

Thom - "Falling With Style is Family. We can say and do horrible things to each other but still be close as brothers and deep down love each other."

Ryan - "Falling With Style is a journey for me with 4 of the easiest guys to work with ever. There are ups and downs but I'm always excited to see what may come next. I class these guys as my brothers so to be able to tour all over the country and share this with them is an incredible thing."

Scott - "We started off 4 years ago not knowing each other, but years later we're pretty much brothers. Falling With Style is an escape more than anything, a way for us all to express ourselves and have a load of fun with our best friends while doing it."

Lucas - "As cliche as this answer may seem, Falling With Style is everything to me. Whenever I'm feeling sad I can transfer all the misery into my lyrics, whenever I'm angry I can vent by playing live, whenever I'm feeling alone I can confide in the company of my 4 best friends. This band holds the answer to every question for me, and that is something that I hold very dear to my heart."


Falling With Style released their first EP 'Tides' in 2012 and have powered on since to perfect their live shows and find their sound. In 2013 the band released their EP 'This Hell You Call Home' which saw the band up their game in all aspects of their instrumentalism, musicianship and professionality. The EP showed them taking their sound and creativiy a step further, making an EP that inclusively grasped what they stood for. One of the best decisions the guys made in that year was applying for Download Festival. The Red Bull competition allows smaller bands to apply for the opportunity to play a small set at the festival and hundreds of bands apply every year. 2013 was Falling With Style's year propelling them to up their game further in preparation for both the competition and the eventual festival slot.

Fast forward to 2014 and the band are sitting pretty on their successes of 2013 with their Download performance and a popular EP in the local rock scene. Both of these factors have pushed the band to play festivals and support bands that span outside of the local scene.

2015 has only just begun and Falling With Style are bumping it up to the next level again finding management with Avalanche Co and quickly announcing the release of their new single Half Measures (Released today). The guys will also be releasing their new mini-album 'Lost and Found' on the 30th March. Get excited now...

To conclude, if there is one thing I have noticed with the Falling With Style, it is that this is a band that place precision and perfection into every little detail. Many bands have the aim of getting 'Big' and many are enthusiastic in reaching out to fans or trying to keep producing material but few manage to have members who are dedicated aficionado's. Watch out for these guys because they are on the rise...

Pre-order 'Lost and Found': iTunes

Facebook: @FallingWthStyle
Twitter: @FwSOfficial

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