Thursday, 22 January 2015

'Bloodflower' Single Review 'People - Places'

Bloodflower is a Welsh electronic duo comprising lifelong friends Jonnie Owen (vocalist and musician) and Tom Manning (producer). Their new single People – Places is the follow up to their acclaimed 2013 debut tracks Indigo and Horizon which received high praise from BBC Radio One’s Huw Stephens, XFM’s John Kennedy and Q Radio to name a few. The song will feature as the opening track on their EP Noise which is set to be released in the early spring.

The progression from their initial releases to People – Places is remarkable, but by no means do I intend to degrade their previous work. They have clearly stuck to their roots, using somewhat odd but likeable vocals and overlaying a multitude of instruments, however their new single is more jovial and uplifting. Although it starts out similar to any other techno song, the use of bells adds a sense of quirky delight I haven’t heard before. It quickly becomes clear what Bloodflower are all about as the song transforms from a tense electronic beginning into the sound of cheery keyboards and high pitched ‘oooing’. The track goes through phases, interchanging between fast pace keyboard accompanied by high melodic vocals and a simple beat and soft almost Matt Bellamy (Muse) style vocals.

As a fan of electronic house I have to say the song lacked the bass I tend to enjoy in a song. Nonetheless it has grown on me, in fact I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been humming it around the house for the past couple of days. What started out as a musical experiment between two friends has opened up a new realm of music combining electronic and indie music in unusual yet likable way. I can’t wait to hear more from these two.
People – Places is set to be released on January 26th and you can check it out on SoundCloud now!

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