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Noizze's Interview with The One Hundred


We at Noizze had the honour to interview Jacob Field and Phil Kneller of The One Hundred. So without further ado here is what went down:

So your very new as a band. You have been around since 2012.

Jacob - Yeah man we started in 2013, our first gig was October 21st. Me and Tim were writing but we wernt the one hundred yet. We were just writing music.

And recently you were named Kerrangs hottest band...

Jacob - Yeah, Kerrang really liked us and have been really supportive. We are really happy they are!

Thats a long way to go in a short time!

Jacob - Oh yeah! It's the first step of many but we have taken a step in the right direction.

What do you think you owe this success to?

Jacob - I think the fact that we are something different and dont follow the guidelines. We try not to stick to a certain genre and all the clich├ęs that 50,000 other bands do! Some people love it, some people hate it but we like that people have an opinion on us. We would rather people have an opinion about us than not care at all.

You have recently released an EP. What inspired you when writing 'Subculture'?

Jacob - We wrote as we went along. The first song we wrote was 'Breed' and the last was 'Kingsmen'. There was a gap between where we just put everything down on paper so it was whatever theme, whether it was musical or lyrical, that we could think of and put together.

And where does the name of the EP come from?

Jacob - That was again a play on the fact that we are different. We do fit in a rock scene but we are not a typical metal band so we are a subculture in a culture.

Do you manage to get shows both sides of the fence, like rap and rock gigs?

Jacob - No proper rap gigs as of yet...

Phil - Playing with Hacktivist on tour now has a slightly rap rock feel...

Jacob - We have played gigs with indie bands. It was weird...

Phil - There was a period where we were taking any show we could get so we found ourselves playing some random shows...

Jacob - We have done club nights, played with djs, drum and bass artists and played with Chrissy Hines who is a 1980's phenomenom so we have played everything we can. We know what works for us now. We manage to stick to shows that work for us more.

What does the EP bring to your live performances?

Jacob - I think its cool cos we finally have music out there and people can come to shows knowing the lyrics!

Phil - From our first gig we have been playing the EP. Seeing people who know all the words is amazing.

Jacob - This tour so far we have been amazed by how many kids there are at the front singing with us! Its really cool!

Now some questions from our social media:

Daniel dawson asks: You have had an awesome year with great reviews, maida vale, a tour with hacktivist and a killer EP, but whats the highlight of 2014?

Jacob - For me its part of the process. We have had a couple of hiccups but nothing that has shot us down and made us think what we are doing is wrong! Everything is so positive and we are so stoked for what we do. Everything has added up like doing BBC Maida Vale so early on from starting was incredible.

Phil - And Sonisphere! We got to go on at the start and the end of the day and it was amazing. The end of the day was in the VIP area just before metallica went on!

Jacob - It's the little things like at gigs where people want my autograph. I still dont get that I still feel like a normal guy! Its well weird!

Nic Cage asks: Who are your musical guilty pleasures?

Jacob - For me, Falling In Reverse. Fashionably late was easily my favourite album of 2013. Their cool as fuck. I love how controversial they are and lots of people slate them but they have obviously annoyed the right people as they are so big!

Awesome! Phil?

Phil - I dunno man.. Uhhh...

Jacob - He listens to soo much rubbish! He has this thing on tour where he will wait til we are all in bed and then plays the worst like grindcore music and then he will put on Micheal Bolton! He just loves Micheal Bolton, plays it in the van all the time!

Phil - I do love Micheal Bolton.

Tom Sanderson asks: What would be your ultimate tour line up?

Jacob - For me it'd be Papa Roach, they are the band that got me into music.

Do you like the new album?

Jacob - Yeah I love the electronic side to it. And Jacoby is lovely as well. I would love to choose bands that arent alive today like Queen from back in the day. So Queen, Papa Roach and Falling In Reverse.

And Phil?

Phil - Hmm..

Jacob - Metallica?

Phil - No.

Jacob - So Metallica...

Phil - I would love us to open and then like Limp Bizkit from back in the old days. Late 90's limp bizkit.

Jacob - What about the sick old nu metal bands like POD? That'd be awesome!

So if you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be?

Jacob - Aww man, thats a well good question.. Phil I know what you'll say... You know it'd be Metallica for you..

Phil - It would have to be Metallica.. Either 'And justice for all' or 'Master of Puppets'. Or the black album.. Aww I dunno.

Jacob - Right, for me it would probably have to be Devil Wears Prada. Its a bit heavy to listen to all the time but theres sections where they got like nice instrumentals and singy bits that I can skip to and cry with.

So finally, where do you go from here, whats the plan for 2015?

Jacob - Take over the world? A lot of bands say it but I mean it. Next year I would love to play warped tour, doing Reading and Leeds, doing Download. We got a few festivals lined up but not finalised. We will be writing too. So taking over the world and listening to a bit of micheal bolton, hopefully get him to feature on some of our tracks. That would be amazing! Phil we could get Nelly and Micheal Bolton to feature on two tracks. It could be our fashionably late album. 2015 watch this space, Bolton, Nelly, One Hundred collab.

So there it is. Without a doubt these boys have got big things coming their way! They rocked out only hours after this interview bringing to the table a performance that won the night. The One Hundred are on the right track and are moving fast! Watch out for them on their path to domination! You heard it here first.

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