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'100 Onces' Interview with Noizze's Rhys Griffiths

In 2013 me and Dave went to a new festival called Arctangent. It was cheap, close, and had loads of good bands on. They also had a load of bands I had never heard of. The plan was to go, drink lots, and randomly go pick bands to go see. One of these random bands was Cleft, and the reason we decided to go see them was simply because Dave liked the name Cleft.

Cleft were incredible, and I fell in love. When we got home I found them on Facebook, found them on Bandcamp, got my hands on everything they had released & I was happy. Then one day Cleft posted on Facebook about a band they really like called 100 Onces, who had posted their album 100 One Says on Bandcamp. So like a good boy I went and checked it out. Once again I fell in love. I'm a bit of a slut like that.

100 Onces are a two piece 'math-rock' band, started around 2010, from Los Angeles, USA. With the recent release of their new self titled album, I thought I would try my luck and see if I could ask the guys a few questions. What do you know, they said yes!

Barrett and I met in middle school, he's a year younger than me. We didn't really become friends till high school though, where one day he showed up at my house (uninvited) and we ended up jamming out. From that point forward our bands played shows together and eventually we ended up playing in the same band (not Onces). We started Onces around 2010, however, we were playing in several bands together up until probably about a year ago.

I asked if 100 Onces had always set out to be a 'math-rock' band, or whether they had just made the music and then adopted the tag:
I think we did aim to be a 'math rock' band from the get go, but we've kind of given up on that. Partially because we think most math-rock bands suck, and also because we're just punk rockers at heart. Buuuuut that doesn't mean I don't label us as a math-rock band sometimes, haha. If anything, I'd like to reclaim that genre and give it back to a more raw sound.
Trying to categorise the 100 Onces sound is a difficult thing to do. It's a complicated beast. It has that ballzy punk feel, with some head banging metal guitar riffs and breakdowns. Throw in is some technical guitar playing that would make most 'metal' guitarists bow their heads in shame. Add to this some crazy time changes and one relentless, almost unnatural force behind the drum kit, and that sort of gives you an idea of what to expect. Do not let the math-rock tag throw you off. If you like 'alternative' music, then there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to find something to like within the 100 Onces arsenal.

With the release of their new album, 100 Onces, I thought it only fair to ask how the album came about, and the recording process:
This album was different than the others. We had just gotten back from our first UK tour in December 2013, and we thought we could get signed, haha. So we set ourselves a sort of deadline to write the album (without deadlines, a lot of things don't happen). A little more than half the album was written in something like 2 or 3 weeks. I think we might have had 3 of the songs written already (Etch-a-sketch, Science Can't Explain Magic, Shredders of the Universe), and a few parts already established for other songs (Attack on Brighton, Never Change). We met up every day and pretty much could write a whole song in a day and than spend a day or two perfecting it. Recording was really drawn out. We recorded the drums in March of this year, and than guitars like months later. I don't even really remember when. 

Being a fan of both 100 Onces & Arctangent festival, I was glad to see them on the line up for 2014. There were a lot of great bands playing this years line up, from giants like This Will Destroy You & Emperor , to festival favorites Cleft & Nordic Giants. But for me, one of the most stand out performances was from 100 Onces, but how did they find the festival:
ArcTanGent was like a dream. It was perfect in every way and we are absolutely grateful that we were given the opportunity to be part of such a great thing!!

The show at Arctangent festival was followed by a tour of the UK. But how much fun can touring the UK be for a 'math-rock' band from California:

The UK is tons of fun, and people are really cool! We had especially good shows in Scotland this time around. It's always fun as a band to go to new towns and be well received.

Which begs the question, do they have any plans for returning to the UK soon:

We currently don't have plans to return (in the immediate future) UNLESS ArcTanGent brings us back! So..... tell em you want to see Onces!

I for one would most definitly like to see 100 Onces again, so I will certainly be badgering Arctangent people to get them back. Check out the link below to the Arctangent festival website.

If you would like to have a listen to 100 Onces then pop on over to their Bandcamp page, where you can download the new album for FREE. Or you could not be a total dick and at least donate something, even if it's only a £1. A snickers cost almost a £1 these days, and 100 Onces album is much better than a snickers.

Go on have a listen & let us know what you think. 

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