Saturday, 15 November 2014

'Doodah Farm' Single Review 'Oi Oi/Soft Lad'

Doodah Farm are a 4 piece rockabilly pop band from Liverpool. A sense of urgency drives their Down-to-Earth rhythms and infectious melodies, giving Doodah Farm their musical DNA.

The first murmurings of creative energy came when Stevie Myler got himself completely sober for the first time in his adult life and when he bumped in to old friend Mark Dickinson they started playing their own material as a duo. Soon it became clear that two was not enough and a traditional band line-up was the answer, so they recruited Joe Lamb on mandolin/ukulele and Matt Deaves on drums to provide the dancing beat that the boys needed to propel their rockabilly folk-pop anthems. 

In August the Doodah Farm headed into the Motor Museum studio with award wining producer James Mellor to record their debut single Oi Oi/Soft Lad. 'Oi Oi' holds a fantastic buskers/pub playing vibe that resonates energy and a dancing rhythm. The song is a bit of a throwback to the 20th century where tonnes of bands and artists would play pubs in their early careers though Doodah Farm sound like they really bring the party with them. Their 'Lad' mentality and infectious melodies make them instantly likeable even just through a studio recording. The band could easily fit on festivals bills that crossover from both folk, rock and pop so have a good basis to work from. 'Soft Lad' has a lead guitar an italian/spanish feeling guitar that sits in the background of another dance infused song. The very British feel to the song due to the vocals create an comfortable infusion of different styles and influences. The band also do well in storytelling which is a hard skill to bring across especially when the pace of the song is high.

Doodah Farm are a fun band and thats a word that can be understated in many ways. The band exude passion and energy whilst having a very accessible sound. Their infusion of styles, instruments and influences create an enjoyable and emotional sound. If you like the sound of Doodah Farm their double A-side for Oi Oi/Soft Lad was released October 31st so check it out!

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