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Seidemann '1349' Interview

Our very own Dave White interviewed Seidemann from the legendary band 1349. Below are the questions we asked and the answers we received... Enjoy!!

 What can you tell us of the recording process for the new album?

We have once again used the wonderful facilities at Studio Studio Nyhagen, this time we also brought our american sound engineer, Jarrett Pritchard over to help us get the right sound. The material was for the most part written by Archaon, with contributions by the rest of us, notably Frost. We set out to make an album sounding massive and alive and I believe we succeeded.

You guys have been making music for some time; do you think that, over the years, you have refined the writing and recording process?

Some things get easier as the years pass by, we do evolve as musicians and occasionally as humans and we learn a little every time we do an album. We do try to push every album further and ensure that it is better than the previous ones. So even though we still have a long way to go towards really refining the writing and recording process we feel we have come a long way since our early and primitive beginnings.

Who would you cite as your main influences when it comes to writing new music?

For 1349 the main influences has been the black metal of the early 90s as well as the proto-black of the 80s. At a certain point we also felt the need to expand and bring in other influences while keeping the spirit of black metal intact. It is impossible to play any kind of metal without acknowledging the impact Black Sabbath had on all of it. Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, the 70s hard rock and prog is also important. When it comes to my personal influences Frank Zappa and Charles Mingus springs to mind as well. For this album we also looked back at all we ourselves have done and how to evolve it further.

Do you have a favourite track on the new album?

All of them!

Have you added some of the tracks from the new album to your live setlist?

We played the single "Slaves" on the Metal Alliance tour with Behemoth and at our release gig here in Norway we played 4 tracks from the new album. All the songs on the album are very live-friendly and we will definitely play a lot, if not all, of them live on our upcoming European tour in November.

You’ve recently released a video for the song ‘Slaves’ from the new album, what can you tell us of the process of recording the video?

We went to the silver mines in Kongsberg, deep inside the mountains and filmed the band shots as well as some mining shots there. We have had the idea of using that location for a while. It is a very interesting and atmospheric location. Deep and dark.

There’s been a four year gap between Demonoir and Massive Cauldron of Chaos, was this due to extensive touring or was it a decision to take a break?

There was no conscious decision made to wait 4 years, but we toured alot and for my own part there was some personal issues that needed resolving that affected the time I could spend on the band.
Archaon had started writing on the new album back in 2011, but we do not wish to rush an album just to release an album. The material has to be right and the overall album has to be better than what we have done before. It is not a goal in itself to release albums all the time, for us it is important to be 100 % happy with the material we have.

Could you tell us of your touring plans for the new album? Any festival dates?

We will tour Europe in November, check our webpage http:/ for details. Hopefully we will also tour the US as soon as we can after that. Festivals are coming, we have already played at Meh'Suff in Switzerland and will play the Inferno Festival in Oslo in 2015.

With members being in other bands, do you find there is often scheduling conflicts?

There are of course times that things crash, but we all try to prioritize 1349 as far as we can. Of course in the case of Frost we occasionally have to use other drummers, but we are lucky to know quite a few exceptional drummers that can fill in for him.

Do you think that the aesthetics of black metal have changed in the years you’ve been a band?

Black metal is still about darkness and the primal beast within, corpsepaint is still important for 1349. What black metal as a whole genre is doing I cannot say, but 1349 has always held tradition in high regard and kept it dark.

I've been reading about 1349 beer, what can you tell us of this? 

We met Todd Haug from surly brewing back in 2010. At the time we had been playing with the idea of a 1349 beer since we all enjoy beer. Once we met Todd we realized that we had a possibility to make this idea into a reality. The recipe was made by Frost with suggestions and ideas from the rest of us, and as things progressed we got the Norwegian brewery Lervig in on the idea as well. In October we will release a dark ale at 13,49% and a pale ale at 6,66%. Everything from label to taste has been approved by the band and we are all extremely excited about this.

So there you have it! Massive cauldron of chaos was released only a few days ago so make sure to check it out!

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