Thursday, 4 September 2014

'The One Hundred' EP Review 'Subculture EP'

'The One Hundred', a hardcore 4-piece from London are entering the scene with a bang. The band infuse electronica with heavy guitars and distinctive British rap and screaming vocals. Upon hearing them they were a sound that stuck in my head instantly. This album is nothing short of brilliant and here is why...

Track one 'No FKX' embeds everything I love in a song at the moment. It infuses an urban hip hop feeling song and gradually progresses to get heavier. The track introduces all aspects of The One Hundred by introducing their hip hop/rap influence combined with the heavy rhythmic guitars to create an incredible sound (You know that one that makes you pull that pouty face when you hear a mega heavy song)!

Track two leaves you no time to breathe. 'Breed' is a definite middle finger to whovever you are angry at. The song fits the general theme of subculture and the new generation. The bands sound has the listener on their toes from start to finish. I can imagine that this song played live makes a serious impact on both fans and new listeners. The electronic synths add to the urban aura that backs up a strong chuggy guitar. The breakdown is also nothing short of immense with it's dubstep/heavy guitar drops that create a loud and distinctive sound.

Track three 'Kingsmen' starts with a hip hop vibe that progresses into a heavier hardcore song soon after. The screaming in this track is brutal and holds some serious conviction. the breakdowns enfused with electronic elements construct a song that is truly unique.

'Unleashed' really demonstrates the strong accent of the vocalist though it works to his trength making an easily identifiable voice that eludes oozes anger and passion. The combination of electronica and hard hitting drums is reminiscent of Enter Shikari with the same intense vocals and lyrics combined with a melodic song that is still likeable.

Track five 'Tale Of Two Cities' demonstrates fast paced vocals and heavy elements dotted throughout the song. Group vocals are used heavily in this track as well which highlights the lyrical content and general theme of the album with 'subculture'.

Final track 'Downfall' again showcases The One Hundred's strength in creating a heavy song brought to life with electronic synths. The highlight of this track comes in the chorus with the backing group vocals shouting 'This is your downfall'. This shows a more melodic sound that shows the band could progress into songs with chours' that have clean vocals as well as harsh. The dubstep breakdown again makes the song truly one to remember.

Overall this EP is 20 mins of agressive progression on the ears that will leave you at the end having heard something completely new. The One Hundred are clearly confident that they have something special in what they do and you know what, they have every reason to think so! Embedded within The One Hundred's music is everything they need to stand out in a genre infested with bands that sound the same. They have also given themselves the ability to expand into more than one genre so as they are not constrained. I would advise anyone checks out these guys and expect big things too!

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