Thursday, 14 August 2014

'Mike Dignam' EP Review 'It Was Written' 10/08/2014

So our recent contact with LAB Records led us to hearing the new Mike Dignam EP and below is what we thought of it! The EP itself is only four tracks long but since it's release four days ago it has been a hit! It even managed to hit No. 3 in the singer/songwriter charts.

Track one 'Hurt' is the single that has accompanied the EP release. It has a real chilled out yet emotive feel to it. The track really demonstrates the vocal ability of Mike Dignam as any solo artist should be the central point of attention on their tracks. The simple piano and guitar pave the way for vocals to sit comfortably on the top. I'm sure this would be a great performance to see live. It is also easy to see why this track was chosen as the single due to it's pop-indie feel that is accessible and appealing.

'Losing You' is my personal favourite on the EP and proves Mike Dignam as a diverse vocalist. On the one hand the track puts him on a par with the likes of James Morrison and Ed Sheeran though also shows that his melodic voice would sit well on more popular music and even as a feature in styles such as R&B and Dance. The track itself is beautiful and has a real atmospheric feel to it. Imagine jumping in the car and going for a drive, this would be the track you put on.

Track three 'Best Friend' is a very endearing, emotive track that talks of a best friend and the past they have shared together. The underlying theme being that no matter what happens you should always be there for your best friend and likewise they should for you. The track is simple yet fantastic. It is lyrically sound and really paints a picture in the listeners mind.

The final track 'Your Not Mine' has a more old school singer/songwriter feel with just a guitar and light drums to accompany melodic verses and chorus' that will stick in your head for the rest of the day. The recent success of folk/indie/pop singer Charlie Simpson shows that diversity ca be found in this type of music with the singer breaking into both the rock and pop scene very successfully. With regards to Mike Dignam, this EP shows that he could do exactly the same and cross over into various genres.

Overall the EP is fantastic, I guess my only criticism can be that the EP is not long enough! Just as I started to really get into it, it had finished. That said, this EP is a great achievement for Mike Dignam and he should be proud. Im excited to hear future EP/Album projects that the artist may produce. Before the launch of the EP Mike Dignam was seeing success with a support slot for 5 Seconds of Summer and I would'nt be surprised to see him progressing his way higher and higher.

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