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'Led By Lions' EP Review 'A Long Time Coming' 04/08/2014

Led By Lions have finally released their debut EP! I've been looking forward to this one for a while after seeing the band play in Fuel Rock Bar. After the single 'Fall Of A Giant' was released I was excited to hear what an EP would sound like and finally that time has come! Led By Lions are an Alternative Post-Hardcore band trying to make their own mark on the genre and this EP aids them in doing so.

The instrumental opening track 'So What Do We Do Now?' puts you in the zone. Im a big fan of instrumental pieces that build you up to the music and make you wait that little bit longer. I imagine this opening piece really lends itself to the opening of their live sets.

Second track 'Just Close Your Eyes and Think of MacGyver' are based on not giving up on oneself and knowing that someone will always be there for you. The song is a fast paced track that i'm sure gets heads banging live. It has the perfect mix of screaming and clean vocals and the verses blend beautifully into the chorus. It's a real throwback to early Funeral For A Friend and bands alike.  

'Song For A Hero' follows a slightly different path to the rest of 'A Long Time Coming' and is based on local heroes such as firemen being like the modern day heroes and keeping the peace. The song is a real party banger with it's fast pace though easily accessible content. The verses are slower though build back into the chorus which works well. This would be the perfect song for athe band's next single/video (Get in touch, I have ideas)! It's definitely right up there with American pop-punk that seems to be ruling at the moment and that is good news for the British Pop-Punk/Hardcore scene at the moment! The end of the song is a real strength of the EP with group vocal Woah-Oh's that bring out the emotion of the vocalist.

Track four 'Fall Of A Giant' solidies why the band decided this song for their first release. It incorporates all aspects of what 'Led By Lions' are about with hard and soft momets and screaming and clean vocals. The chorus is also another strength of both the song and the EP as a whole. The band manages to blend into the hardcore genre though also maintains a pop melody in all of their music that demonstrates they have really found their sound. The song also has a breakdown which makes it my favourite of the EP. It shows that the band can move their sound about just like A Day To Remember who are one of the only band's doing so at present.

The final track 'So Far Away' is another personal favourite of mine with it's epic introduction leading into the song. As the instruments are added in over a catchy riff and then stripped away as soon as vocals join it creates anxiety to hear the chorus. When the chorus does drop the listener is not disappointed as it is potentially the strongest chorus of the entire EP. Vocals excel and instrumentally and creatively 'Led By Lions' manage to step in up a notch.

The EP is a fantastic start for 'Led By Lions' and in order to make further releases just as good they should concentrate on their strengths to add parts into songs that need to catch the listener. Tracks such as 'So Far Away' and 'Song For A Hero' demonstrate their diversity which is promising as studio recording will be more of a liberating process rather than being found at dead ends. If you have not checked out the EP then please do! 'Led By Lions' are a fantastic band that deserve some exposure!

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