Sunday, 10 August 2014

'Civil Foes' EP Review 'The Final EP' 31/07/2014

After a long month away from writing for the site I return to find the Civil Foes EP sitting in my emails... And I'm really glad it was! The EP is unfortunately the bands last though boasts some fantastic talent and great promise for future working that the members may have.

Track one 'Everyday Above the Ground' is an instant feel good record with a catchy opening riff. Ths song is simple but effective. The vocals are strong and work well. The song has an almost Biffy Clyro feel (Bar the Scottish accent) with it's edgy mix of heavy drums and fast riffs but made lighter by the accessible vocals. The track opens the EP perfectly having the listener instantly hooked.

Track two 'Quickscope' leaves no room to breathe with a more Arctic Monkeys/Fratellis feel. Again Civil Foes show their strength in their guitar work. It shows real diversity in the band's ability to use their style to make an EP with plenty of range. The song leads perfectly into the third track of the album.

'Death of a Snowman' boasts a fantastic opening riff. Vocals are the focus of the verses with some fast-paced lyrical content. The song again shows a varied vocal style but still holds the same feel as the other songs on the EP. You can definitely see a range of influences on the band's music.

'RainFlake' slows down the pace showcasing yet another side to Civil Foes. The song is very chilled out and simple relying on the vocalists ability to hold interest. The song feels as if it's slightly tense and feels as if it's building towards an explosion of sound on the ears... It does not disappoint. The track opens up nearer the end demonstrating the entire band's ability and making it my personal favourite!
Track five 'Let's Go Bowling' eases off and feels like the sort of single the band may have released. It has a very British feel with the vocals but also has an accessible, commercial feel. It's a fun song that sounds as though it would be enjoyable for both band and crowd to enjoy at a gig. It is also reminiscent of songs you would hear back in the early 2000's which isn't a bad thing as it holds an older style that not many bands do nowadays.
All in all the EP is a fantastic effort and it's a real shame that this is the last of the band's records as it is promising for future workings. That said, I hope the band in some way will start new projects and pull their strengths together with a new exciting feel.

The EP is only £2.50 and is available through their facebook page -

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