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'World Cup' Top 10... 06/06/2014

In less than a week one of the world’s greatest sporting tournaments shall be underway; the World Cup. To prepare and get everyone (who likes football) in the mood, I’ve decided to create a top ten list of world cup songs. Once again the songs have been selected by myself, so I’d love to hear others opinions on what they think are the best world cup songs.

10. Michel Telo – Ai Se Eu Te Pego
The tournament is being held in Brazil, so I’ve decided that the first song on the list should be dedicated to the Brazilians and what song represents their nation. Not a recognisable song in England but loved in many nations across the globe, Ai Se Eu Te Pego seems to be the unofficial Brazilian anthem. Many Brazilian footballers, such as the poster boy Neymar, have participated in singing this song live and doing the accompanied dance after scoring a goal, so why not give the Brazilians favourite song a listen before  kick off in Rio. 

9. Great Escape
No list about football songs would be complete without ‘The Great Escape’. Go to any England match and you’ll hear the Barmy Army playing it (no matter how much it gets on your nerves). Every England fan should be able to hum, shout or whistle along to this easily recognisable tune and for this reason it finds itself at number nine. 

8. New Order - World in Motion
One reason and one reason alone has allowed this song to be part of the top ten and that reason is John Barnes. His now famous rap is known by fans across the globe and it has become common courtesy that if someone starts the rap, everyone should join in (if you don’t then you should be ashamed of yourself). Other than Barnes’ segment this song isn’t very inspiring or good, so this is why it’s at number eight in the list and not higher.

7. Grandad Roberts & His Son Elvis - Meat Pie, Sausage Roll, Come On England Give Us A Goal
What more do you need to know about this song... the majority of the lyrics are in the songs title, except for the infamous “Ohhhhhhhh we’ve got a corner”. The best thing about this song is how people sing along, re-creating Grandad’s old man voice and Elvis’ high pitch rendition, “Meat pieeeeeee, sausage roll, come on England, give us a goalllll”. 

6. 442 - Come on England
Opening the song with the commentary to Beckham’s free kick against Greece, ‘Come on England is set against the tune of ‘Come on Eileen’ and changes the lyrics to include English footballers such as Owen, Gerrard and Lampard. How more patriotic could you feel? This song could get every fan optimistic and behind the boys in white, so why not give it a listen to get in the mood for Brazil 2014.

5. Collapsed Lung - Eat My Goal
At number five in the list we have Collapsed Lung’s ‘Eat My Goal’. This will get every person out of their seat and jumping and chanting along and if you ever forget how you’re supposed to sing along the songs instructs you to say; “Hoo”, “Hoo Woo”, “Eat my Goal”. Easy to remember, easy to sing; turn the stereo on and crank it to eleven as this song is a must play world cup song.

4. Ant & Dec – We’re on the Ball
Comedy pair Ant & Dec take a crack at a football song and it lands them at number four on my list. Reminding us of our previous glory in 1966, Ant & Dec go on to suggest ‘We’re on the Ball’ with Heskey up front. As silly as that sounds now, this song is still great to play and gets everyone in the mood for the World Cup and who knows maybe this’ll be our year. (Yeah I don’t think it’ll be our year either).

3. Dizzie Rascal & James Corden – Shout
The newest of all the songs included, ‘Shout’ claims the bronze medal in this competition. Not a classic like the others, but ‘Shout’ does so much to prove its inclusion; an easy chorus for all to sing, and using Dizzie Rascal and James Corden, both modern celebrities, allows for this song to be accessible by all generations. Also Dizzie Rascal’s line that “We’re tired about bragging about 40 odd years ago”, really sums up of how we’re all feeling about our current national team. Nonetheless, this song gets me pumped for the World Cup so warrants its third place spot.

2. Fat Les - Vindaloo
Claiming the runner up spot is Fat Les’ ‘Vindaloo’. Me, and me Mum, and me Dad, and me Gran all love this song, and so should you. If you haven’t heard it yet, then you must have been living under a rock since you were born, but if you haven’t it’ll easily become a favourite to listen to in the World Cup Season. “We’re England, and we’ll score one more than you”, encompassing everything a fan should be, optimistic and cheerful. Get excited and get on board because you’ll be hearing this song come the next month (until we’re eliminated).

1.Badiell, Skinner and Lightning Seeds - Three Lions (Footballs Coming Home)
And the winner of World Cup Songs goes to.... Three Lions (Footballs Coming Home). Although ten plus years have passed since its release and we’re now ‘Forty years of Hurt’, this song is as ever prevalent today as it was then. The song suggests that everyone has already made up their mind on what we’re going to achieve, and as it is today, we’re already expected to lose. However, this song tells us, in music form, to support the team and get behind them and that’s what we want in a World Cup song. Get in the spirit and get behind the English National Team and who knows maybe Football is coming home.

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