Wednesday, 18 June 2014

'No Rest' Gig Review 07/06/2014

Im really getting in to hardcore music. It caters for my loves of beatdowns and screaming vocals. I do fail to understand the hardcore/hipster arm waving craze that surrounds this type of music and personally think it ruins it (What happened to good ol' moshing). Despite that I do love the hardcore scene, it's heavy, slow and brutal sounding. Its right up my street and I was lucky enough to catch a gig at Fuel Rock Bar on the 7th July.

'Interrogation' begin the night with a great set. These guys tick all the boxes for what a hadcore band should fulfill. They are energetic, lively and brutal. The crowd is well suited for them and they get a fantastic reaction. Their down-tuned guitars and screaming vocals work well and overall they got my head banging!

Black country beasts 'Sentenced' are second on the stage starting with an air raid siren followed by a recurring guitar riff that brings the place to life. Shortly after the vocalist breaks into a high-pitched scream that both shocks and amazes people. The crowd react well and the opening song is easily everyones highlight of the night. The vocalist continues to impress with his ability to scream at various ranges. His wide spectrum of low and high pitched screams makes the set a memorable one. These guys seriously impressed me, managing to bring different elements in to their hardcore genre and showcasing their ability to think outside the box.

Holding on to the hardcore aspect shown by the previous bands 'No Rest' end the night with a fantastic performance that again shows a wider thought applied to their music. They infuse old school metal riffs, and at times punky guitar, with bluesy bass. They really showcase something unique fading into the metalcore genre at times. They are my personal favourite of the night encouraging people to get stuck in, get closer and get involved. They have the strongest stage presence with a frontman with the skill to both address the crowd as well as upholding a great standard of vocals. The atmosphere is electric and they finish the night perfectly.

Yet another great gig overall!

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