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'Kye Jones Music' EP Review 30/05/2014

'Kye Jones Music' is not exactly the name you would attach to the song 'Hole' when this EP first starts playing but that is irrelevant because it sounds great! The Warrington based self taught musician has been influenced by music all of his life and has seen many successes throughout his career. See what we thought of his new EP 'Hero' below.

Track one 'Hole' counts in and instantly I get a great feel. The track is whole sounding and gives the listener an instant feeling of what Kye Jones music entails. The vocals are unusual though not in a bad way. Kye Jones (Vocalist) is able to supply melody and tone at the some time as having a deep, gravelly and demanding voice. The grunge/progressive feel to the track is complimented by hard-hitting drums and lead guitar patterns that make for a western feel though still maintains it's present day accessibility.

The guitar riff on track two 'Reborn, Rebuilt, Recovered' draws you instantly to the vocals. The songwriting on this song is exceptional and still holds on to the grunge/desert rock feel. The vocals sound like the lead singer of 'Clutch' which is a huge compliment as it is a style held by few and a difficult one to master.

Track three 'Emotion' packs some serious smoothness. The opening slow, recurring riff instantly strengthened by a lead guitar pattern that is packed with attitude and feeling. The build up adds vocals and a slow drum roll to approach an atmospheric chorus with vocals similar to Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder. As the longest song on the EP you instantly wonder why, but the clear reason is that this song manages to encompass everything that Kye Jones seems to want with his music. The guitar solo and well maintained extended vocals show off musical prowess and a great vocal range. There's a certain raw aspect to this song that makes it a personal favourite of the EP.

Track four 'Hero' is the title track of the EP and has an instant 'cowboy' feel with the desert guitar riff. The inspirational lyrics and great old western feel make the track fit perfectly onto the EP. With an almost Johnny Cash approach to this song though with vocal notes being held in a similar style James Hetfield of Metallica the perfect balance of grunge and rock is struck.

Track five 'Skin (Chilli Mix)' starts with an intricate, slow acoustic picking riff that leads into a simple but effective recurring guitar pattern. The song focusses more on the vocals and the gravel toned singer makes great use of his voice technique and unique singing range. The song rounds off the EP perfectly as an atmospheric track showcasing the final ability of the music produced.

Overall, the 'Hero' EP was a fantastic listen and considering it's not a style I listen to often it has really had an effect on me. I will be adding every one of these tracks to my playlist and will make particular use of them on my trip to America! I look forward to seeing where Kye Jones Music can progress from here out though I feel the music is different to the current market and would easily find its place on big festival and gig slots.

Make sure you give the tracks a listen, you would be silly not to!

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