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'Ghosts As Alibis' EP Review 'Where the Desert Meets the Mountain' 11/08/2014

Bringing back a Nu-Metal vibe to the local scene, 'Ghosts As Alibis' are proving a lot with their newest release. The band are set to release their new EP 'Where the Desert Meets the Mountain' on Monday 11th August. By the sounds of it they have worked hard on creating an EP that sounds big! The songwriting almost narrates an image in the listeners head and create an epic feel whilst holding on to strong lyrical content. Here's what we thought of the EP.

Track one is a great opening introduction song. Im a huge fan of build up segments of songs and love it when an album or EP begins with a track that makes you wait to hear the band though makes you excited to hear them. This track is perfect for that and is aptly named "The First Haunting" which creepily fills your speakers making you feel slightly uncomfortable. It is a fantastic opening.

Track two wastes no time in getting directly into what 'Ghosts As Alibis' are about. I instantly get the feel of a 'Deftones' track which makes sense as the band cite them as a massive influence on their work. The track "Wolves" is gloriously heavy and it's rawness in production is a great aspect of the feel it gives. The scratchy screaming vocals laid underneath strong clean vocals works well and the song varies in heaviness though keeps it's flow throughout.

Track three "The Second Haunting" is also a fantastically constructed song. It is again an instrumental track that follows on its creepy trend from track one. Starting with a crackily voice and distorted screams followed by a synth like heartbeat and a slow picking riff the sounds created on the ear almost give the listener chills. Alongside this, the introduction of hard hitting drums fades in and out as the track builds and drops into track four.

"The Great Art Disaster"is yet another atmospheric song that creates powerful imagery in your mind. It is lyrically very sound and spontaneous in it's very direct changes in drum beats and guitar patterns. Despite this, it isn't too disjointed and sounds like a whole and well constructed song.

Track five ''This Time We Caused Earthquakes" is another powerful song with a great chorus chanting "This could almost be the end". The verses are calm with a beautiful guitar sound and the vocals sound as if they have been recorded in a hallway though the echoing works well laid over the track. It gives the feel that the band were looking for which is a generally haunting theme.

Track six "Death of the Boatman" starts with a little more of a technical riff and gives the song an instantly more complex start. The track has an almost 'Mastodon' like feel with its saddened themes and shouting vocals though is oddly energetic. When the song slows down a minute in, the bass line is prominent and a lead guitar lays the odd note over the top. Add vocals to this and the verses sound well contructed and again apply the haunting theme. The choruses burst in with distorted guitars and gutteral shouts. The song even features a moment where there is simple clicking of fingers and soft recurring vocal pattern. It sounds almost jazzy! This song achieves success through the way it demonstrates many strengths of the band.

The final track of the EP is the self-titled "Where the Desert Meets the Mountain". The song is a mammoth nine minutes fifteen seconds long. This song begins very much like a 'Deftones' track though has the addition of soft female sounding vocals that provide extra layers to the vocals and showcases their ability to add newer aspects to their sound. The song sounds as if it has finished at the four minute mark with a light piano track though vocals are added soon after. The vocals build and instruments gradually increase in volume and intensity until just after the seven minute mark where vocals are more sparse though the intensity of the music has built to an extroadinary level that is both epic and atmospheric. It plays out the EP as it started with the noise of static towards the end with faded voices and the final voice simply saying "Im here".

I really enjoyed listening to this EP. It took me through a journey that I almost felt invested it. The ambience created had me enticed from start to finish and the storytelling aspect made me want to finish listening. This EP as a whole would be well suited to having an adjacent video that chronicles the story the band tell throughout the music. The bands imagery is impecible and the EP shows serious promise for future workings. If Ghosts As Alibis can deliver an album like this through their own working they should definitely be able to make future projects successful. The band should also stick to their strengths and use their storytelling ability to create albums and EP's that narrate a story. The aspect of that will make them stand out in a competitive musical environment.

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