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'Download Festival' Sunday Bands 15/06/2014

Sunday at Download and I had the entire day to enjoy the end of the festival.By this point I had seen all of the bands I had come for though the weather was good and there was the opportunity to see bands that I may not usually see! Enjoy...


'Skillet' take me back to when I was younger playing call of duty and trying to shoot people in time with their songs. Their music is epic and they have so much eperience under their belt. When I saw their name appear on the Download line up I knew I had to try and see them! The christian rock band rocked it with two violinists, two guys and two girls making up their whole line up. Their diversity is incredible and my god that girl can drum! They are unique and put on a great show.

Overall Performance 7/10


We Came As Romans

 'We Came As Romans' followand provide a solid set working through their small arsenal of hits. Tracks like 'Hope' and 'To Plant A Seed' bode well though their attempt to incorporate their cover of The Wanted's 'glad you came' is more of a static flop than the poppy sing along they had hoped for. Overall their performance was very enjoyable.

Overall Performance 6/10


'Emmure' bring the heavy hardcore element into Download Festival. Heavily down tuned guitars and rap/scream crossover vocals with a fantastic frontman provide the performace that catered for more tastes than just rock or metal. They deliver a mosh-worthy opportunity for the crowd and use their half an hour slot to let loose and help everyone let go with them.

Overall Performance 6/10


'Crazytown' hugely disappoint a crowd that is mainly present for the secret/not-so-secret band. Everyone waits patiently through their set for them to play that one song 'Butterfly' that was once a hit. Even when they do deliver the final song everyone has been waiting for their half-hearted effort to deliver it does'nt create the buzzing atmosphere everyone will have hoped for. The crowd sang along amicably but seemed more excited for the band to come...

Overall Performance 2/10

Black Stone Cherry

So pretty much everyone knew it would be 'Black Stone Cherry' but in my mind I didn't want to believe it until I was sure. The confirmation came when their backdrop was raised slightly and their drum kit and amps were wheeled onto the stage. The loud cheers that resonate through the tent and to the outside where an increasily large crowd gather show why this band is a fantastic choice for giving fans an extra treat. The fact that the tent is far too small a stage for them makes the atmosphere even greater and they absolutely rocked it. With only a handful of songs they delivered the singles that everyone wanted . Opening with 'Rain Wizard' and ending with 'Lonely Train' they brightened my day and bought Download Festival to life!

Overall Performance 9/10

Steel Panther

'Steel Panther' are not my sort of band but the promise of a fun performance to ease a long day should'nt be easily looked over. The infamous rockers definitely do things their own way but I have to say they do it well! These guys refuse to age in mind though are never short of a joke both about themselves and everyone watching. Half of their set consists of hits and the other half chatting casually between themselves and between the crowd. Their cheesy one-liners and interesting humorous lyrics and brilliantly constructed. They deserved their spot and rocked it.

Overall Performance 8/10


'Seether' are a band that everyone has heard of. They have been around since the end of the grunge era to the present day and they came to Download Festival to show eactly why they are the fathers of alt-rock. They put on a performance that heralds their wide array of hits. They use the opportunity to play as many of those singles as possible and for fans i'm sure that this show was one that they won't forget. For someone like me who is not the biggest of fans, they were still thoroughly enjoyable and it made a good break in between bands that I knew.

Overall Performance 6/10

Alter Bridge

'Alter Bridge' are yet another of the bands of our generation beginning to make their climb to the headliner spot at rock festivals. It is without doubt that you will have heard of Alter Bridge in some capacity and if not you will have heard of Myles Kennedy. He sings with the one and only Slash of Guns N' Roses and has the vocal range of a titan! Mark Tremonti is also a god on the guitar so between the band they have the perfect line up to make incredible music. Their newest album 'Fortress' has been a huge hit and they use both their old and new singles to make a mammoth set. The fact that they can range between rock hits and metal hits as well as providing the highlight of their set which showed Myles sitting alone singing with an acoustic guitar. The whole performance showed that Alter Bridge will be around for years to come.

Overall Performance 9/10


'Trivium' are a common name at UK festivals and have a great fanbase here. Their recent line up changes only seem to have solidified their performance and they put on a hell of a show headlining the second stage. As always the crowd are energetic and lively and enjoy that Trivium give the heavy dose of Metal music that everyone wants to round off their weekends. Personally, getting crushed and having people jump on me for an hour couldn't have been more worth it for this band as they put on a great show.

Overall Performance - 8/10


Directly after Trivium I made sure to go and catch the last hour of 'Aerosmith's' set just to catch those hits that we all know and love. Unfortanately it seems that those hits are all they really have to rely on. In my opinion they have a fantastic catalogue of songs to fall back on though aside from that there's no big production. Compare it with any of the other headliners both this year and last and their set doesn't contend. Don't get me wrong, hearing 'I don't want to miss a thing' and 'Dude looks like a lady' was incredible for a 2 hour headline slot they didn't keep me fully invested in their set.

Overall Performance 6/10

So that concludes the acts that I saw at Download Festival this year. The views I have provided are all my own so if you disagree please get in touch! The festival was fantastic and enjoyable throughout!

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