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'COLT 45' Album Review 'The Tide Is Turning' 28/07/2014

COLT 45 are a band moving leaps and bounds currently in 2014. So far they have managed to make a big impact in the short time since their inception. The melodic punks from Cumbria signed to Visible Noise last summer and since have played gigs with Blitz Kids, Lower Than Atlantis, The Computers, Young Guns and more. February 2014 and the band began recording their debut album 'The Tide Is Turning'. Here's what we at Noizze thought of the album when we had a listen!

The opening track "Salt Water" sounds huge! It made me take a second look at the line up to confirm that there was only three members. They manage to create a big sounding song thats catchy yet has bassy drums and distorted guitar to cater for rock fans. Vocals are similar to that of Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 and that's a massive compliment as there is a fantastic tone combined with a raw grittiness.

The second track "O.K" was rightly chosen as the bands first single and can be seen below on YouTube. It is one of the bands most accessible songs with it's pop/punk chorus and general feel. It is even reminiscent of The Gaslight Anthem who also make lyrically powerful music though also ensure that fans can track it under their easy listening playlists. O.K is definitely one of those summer bangers that you will want on your playlists and is one of my personal favourites!


Tracks "I Thought I Knew Best", "595" and "Time Will Tell" continue to showcase the bands ability to provide high energy-infused tracks that keep up the flow of the album. Neil Harper (Vocalist) shines on these songs as he has a low but powerful range and has the capability to add gritiness to his voice for choruses and certain notes throughout. The guitar work in all tracks is simple yet atmospheric and group vocals in "I Thought I Knew Best" makes the song a brilliant summer song.

"The Simple Things Are Working" brings out COLT 45's lighter side though shows that the band are able to slow things down and still hold on to their sound. It shows off their diversity and proves they are not just a high energy punk band but in fact have an easily adaptable sound for future workings. The album title is also lyrically part of this song and hints at the band’s new positive outlook. The statement is one which fully sums up how the band are "Still pissed off" though "There's a light at the end of the tunnel now" meaning they have reached some of their milestones.

"Lessons Must Be Learned", "I Remember When The Rain Came Down" and "Found My Home" demonstrate the bands punkier side though fit well on the album with slightly faster tempo's in general. Vocals here are slightly hasrher and grittier and remind me of the band Polar Bear Club. "Found My Home" also has a fantastic lead riff that gets easily stuck in your head and is accompanied by an prominent bass line.

"When We Sleep Alone" and "Crutches" show the bands pop centred side but thats not to say they aren't good songs. "Crutches" rounds off the album as it started with big sounds and a strong track. It's more chilled than when the album began but eases it down nicely to finish.

COLT 45 have every reason to be proud of this record and should have a big year ahead of them. They are already proving themselves with slots at Download festival and great support slots. It will be interesting to see where they are going onwards from here out. The band have recently released the single "O.K." as part of the run up to releasing their album 'The Tide Is Turning' which drops on the 28th July so mark that in your calendars!

Noizze's Recommended tracks:
- O.K
- I Thought I Knew Best
- The Simple Things Are Working

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