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C is for Crossfaith

C is for Crossfaith


Main Members


Ikegawa Hiroki – bassist
Takemura Kazuki – guitarist

Koie Kenta – lead vocalist

Amano Tatsuya – drummer

Tamano Terufumi - programming, keyboards, backing vocals

Formed in 2006, this Japanese born 5 piece have been performing together under the name Crossfaith. The group originally formed as a cover band, performing songs by Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit. The band consisted of vocalist Koie Kenta, now guitarist Takemura Kazuki and programmer Tamano Terufumi. During the early performances, Kenta would do both the rapping and screaming parts. The group didn’t last long and when they broke up, Kenta decided to make another band. During the next coming years, 2006-2008, he built up and formed his new band. Having already acquired bassist Ikegawa Hiroki and guitarist Takemura Kazuki they went out looking for a drummer. Having stayed in contact with former drummer Tatsuya Amano, Kenta asked him to audition, Amano's drum cover of Slipknot's “Sic” impressed Kenta and the others so much they knew they wanted him a part of the band. They later were joined by DJ Terufumi who brought inspiration from electronic dance music groups such as Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy. Terufumi would work to connect his electronica inspirations with the heavy metal covers the band was doing at the time. Fuelled by their hatred of Japan’s enormous pop music culture, the band developed their unique sound, bringing a fusion of metalcore with electronic dance music. Their sound has been described as Slipknot tearing the limbs from Prodigy. Their sound takes inspiration from metal, electronica, hardcore, metalcore and industrial metal.

In 2008, the band released their first demo entitled “Blueprint of Reconstruction” which consisted of just 3 tracks; “Blue”, “Voices” and “K”. Following this, the band was signed onto Zestone Records where they later released their debut studio album "The Artificial Theory for the Dramatic Beauty" in 2009. The album consisted of 8 tracks and 2 videos in total, containing the 3 tracks from their demo. Having gained success in their home country Japan, the album was later released in Europe in August 2010. Having begun their breakthrough into the European scene, the band embarked on a number of tours, supporting bands such as “Hatebreed”, “Machine Head” and ”Memphis May Fire”. Going from strength to strength, the band was later signed by Tragic Hero Records in March 2011 for an American release of their second album "The Dream, The Space".

As the band built up a wider and wider fan base, the band looked to break into the larger market. In order to do this, in 2012 they released their second E.P “Zion”, named after the human city in the film series “The Matrix”. The E.P was an instant success from mainstream critics such as Kerrang! and The Sydney Morning Herald. The band also released their first music videos, for the tracks “Monolith”, “J├Ągerbomb” and “Photosphere”. The band later performed on the 2012 Warped Tour at the Alexandra Palace in London. They played to a capacity crowd of 500, needing security to block the entrance to prevent more fans entering the already sold out area. This is where the band built their reputation for intense live performances and gained a lot of attention following the performance. Following this success, on 4 February 2013 the "Zion" EP was released in Europe by “Search And Destroy Records”. The band followed this by playing all 5 dates at the Australian 2013 Soundwave festival.

After their U.K tour with Bring Me the Horizon they performed two headline shows at the Barfly in London and the Sugarmill in Stoke supported by “We Butter The Bread With Butter”. However, due to the success of the London ticket sales, they upgraded the venue to the Camden Underworld. Performances were praised as offering "constant energy" and how Amano Tatsuya's drum solos were "stunning". The band then went on to tour on the 2013 U.S Warp tour along with the Reading Festival and Leeds Festival in the U.K. 

On 4th September the band released their third studio album “Apocalyze” in Japan and on 9th September in the United Kingdom. The album was recorded at Machine Shop Studios in New York and released through “Search And Destroy” and “Sony Music”. Prior to the release of “Apocalyze”, Crossfaith released three music videos: “We Are the Future”, “Eclipse” and "The Evolution".

If you haven’t checked out Crossfaith, we strongly advise you to do so. They are one of the quickest rising bands around at the moment and have already built up a massive reputation when performing live. Our 3 tops tracks are:

1.      We Are the Future

2.      Monolith

3.      Snake Code

Check these guys out and show your support by liking their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/crossfaithofficial

And you can keep up to date on their own website at http://www.crossfaith.jp/en/

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