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B is for Bury Tomorrow

B is for Bury Tomorrow

Main Members:

Dani Winter-Bates - lead vocals

Jason Cameron - rhythm guitar, clean vocals

Davyd Winter-Bates - bass guitar

Adam Jackson - drums, percussion

Kristan Dawson - lead guitar

Formed in 2006, this 5 piece from Hampshire, England have been playing together under the name Bury Tomorrow. Originally the band line up consisted of Jason Cameron on rhythm guitar and clean vocals, Adam Jackson as the drummer, Daniel Winter-Bates as the unclean vocalist, his brother Davyd Winter-Bates as their bassist, and lead guitarist Mehdi Vismara. However, come 2013, lead guitarist Mehdi Vismara left the band and was replaced by current lead guitarist Kristan Dawson.

Drawing influences from bands such as 'Killswitch Engage', 'As I lay Dying' and 'In Flames', this gives the band their overall melodic metalcore sound. Their mix of underlying melodic sound, accompanied with heavy riffs and breakdowns help give the band their unique and diverse sound. Bassist Davyd Winter-Bates has quoted how he likes the diverse style the band possesses as it gives them the opportunity to go heavier and lighter with ease.

2007 saw the release of their debut self-produced E.P entitled 'The Sleep of the Innocents'. Consisting of 7 tracks in total, and the highlight track of 'These Woods Aren't Safe For Us', the band began to gain a wider audience and attract further attention to their music. This was made clear when in 2009, they signed with 'Basick Records'. Later that year on the 12th October 2009 the band released their first studio album 'Portraits' in the U.K. This was followed by the release of the same album via “Artery Recordings” on March 2010 in Japan and the United States.

Following the success of 'Portraits' the band embarked on a number of tours throughout 2010 supporting bands such as 'Asking Alexandria', 'Of Mice & Men', 'Sleeping with Sirens' and 'Pierce the Veil'. However, this success was short lived. Following an ongoing battle and breakdown in relationships with the record label “Artery Recordings”, the band cut ties with the U.S and Japanese label. The band were now low on money and unable to go into the studio to record their new album which was already written. Their performances at 'Slam Dunk Festival' and 'Ghostfest' in Leeds was felt to be their last. However, performances were met with great support and they met their soon to be new band manager at 'Ghostfest', who suggested to shelf the already written unrecorded album. This brought the release of single 'Lionheart' and accompanying music video on 13th September 2011. Following this, the band embarked on another tour with 'While She Sleeps' and embarked on their first headline tour come December. The band then went from strength to strength, signing with new record label 'Nuclear Blast' in 2012 and the release of their 2nd album 'The Union of Crowns' on 13th July in Europe, then 16th July in the United Kingdom and the 17th July in the United States.

Again, the band followed this with a number of tours throughout 2013, gaining a stronger and wider fan base. May 26th 2014 saw the release of their 3rd album 'Runes' with their promotional single 'Watcher' actually being released and played on Radio 1 at midnight on the 6th January, following news of the upcoming album. 'Runes' was a great success for the band as it reached number 1 in the official UK Rock chart and number 34 in the official UK Album chart.

If you haven’t heard anything from Bury Tomorrow before, or want to hear more of them, our recommended 3 tracks are:

1. Watcher

2. Royal Blood

3. Evolution of Self

Here’s the link to their Facebook page if you want to keep up to date with what’s going on with the band and show your support.


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