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A is for Astroid Boys

As this is the first of our A-Z of bands, just thought a quick rundown of what you can come to expect to be included in these band profiles. A quick biography about who make up each band, where the band is from and a bit of background information. Followed by what they’re up to now and what their overall sound and image is. We’ll be ending it with 3 recommended tracks for you all to check out if you want to hear more of them. We’ll also put links to Facebook pages and any Youtube channels that we can find so that you can continue to follow and keep up to date with these bands.

So, let’s get into it!

A is for Astroid Boys

Main members:

Traxx - Vocals

Benji - Vocals

DJ Comfort - DJ

DELLUX – Producer

Harry (Big H) - Drummer

Formed in 2011 officially, this Cardiff based band formed between a group of friends who either went to the same school as each other, or hung out in the same skate parks. Originally vocalist Traxx had been performing as a solo artist, but had then teamed up with DJ Comfort as an addition to his act. The duo then teamed up with other vocalist Benji and began performing as a rap duo accompanied by a DJ. However when they decided to turn into a live band, this is when other members joined and Astroid Boys as we know them today were officially formed. Until recently the band has been performing as a 5 piece, the 2 vocalists Benji and Traxx, a DJ (DJ Comfort), drummer Harry and guitarist Kyle. However recently, Kyle has left the band and so we wait to see if they try and pick up a new guitarist, or adapt their sound to something new.

As a rap group from Cardiff, progression has been difficult but the Astroid Boys have been gradually working their way up, going from playing to the small crowds found in various clubs and bars to recently playing in Download festival 2013. Along the way they have been involved in a number of tours, opportunities and festivals such as Westwood Crib Sessions, T in the Park and have even performed in Glastonbury. It has also seen them break away from the local scene and perform in cities throughout Europe.

The self-described hip hop, rap, grime and hardcore sound gives them quite a unique sound, mixing rap, dubstep like synths and distorted guitar riffs. This unique sound relates over into their overall image. Their unique style makes them stand out as a band, and they are not afraid of sticking to their original skater and Cardiff roots. This can be seen throughout their music videos as the band is often seen skating around in various skate parks. They are also heavily linked with the Cardiff based brand Droneboy, and can often be seen wearing clothing from this designer.


Currently unsigned, the band released their first single together in 2012, “Bada$$”. The video for this was actually nominated in the ‘Music Video Awards for a Production under £2000’. Previous to this, Benji, Traxx and DJ Comfort had released a number of tracks together such as “Welcome to the Zoo”, “Trouble out Tonight” and “Roundabout” in the years 2010 - 2011. The band then followed on from the release of “Bada$$” by releasing the single “Minging” along with the music video in April 2013. However, on 5th October 2013 the band released their first EP entitled “Bacon Dream”. The EP consisted of 8 tracks in total, and included a mix between the single “Minging” and another track “Sticky”.

If you haven’t heard anything from Astroid Boys before, or want to hear more of them, our recommended 3 tracks are:

- Minging

- Dusted

- Rinsa (Feat. Manga Roll deep)

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